EA Details NBA Live 14′s Upcoming Content Update

JPS Writes: "EA Sports has gotten some flak regarding the release of NBA Live 14 and how it wasn’t up to par of the competitor and lack of modes, etc. Well EA Sports seems to be dedicated to rectifying that issue as detailed in a new post on the website’s news page."

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ThePope1717d ago

Truth. I played the demo for Live and I thought I was playing Live 05. lol.

Minute Man 7211717d ago

Live 05 is way better that this crap. EA needs to pull this game off the shelves

Neoninja1717d ago

Man I forgot live even came out. I'm really hoping that EA steps it up next time to actually provide competition to the guys at 2k.
Or maybe instead they can bring out another NBA Street if they're not going to step up their game in Live.

NYC_Gamer1717d ago

EA will continue to dish out more empty promises with NBA Live

Deividas1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Glad they are trying to keep the 20 people that own this game happy.

rhcpfan1717d ago

Wow... An update. Let me grab my wallet.