Six New IPs To Watch Out For In 2014

Geimaku: "Many publishers have announced new IPs for 2014, and while most of them look great, not all of them are fresh and different from what we have already seen in the previous generation of video game consoles. They might be new IPs, but not all of them feel that way. Well, not to me."

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ReesesPuffs1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Where's Watch Dogs and The Order?

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caseh1811d ago

I wouldn't hold my breath for Deep Down, not outside of Japan this year at least.

Cha0tik1811d ago

I greatly disagree with this. If you pay attention to the trailers it's already localized when it comes to speech so all that needs to be localized is the text. I think it could be released in JP and US at the same time.

caseh1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I think people are overlooking a few facts:

- Granted, the speech is in English; However, when have they ever previewed a game at E3 in Japanese? It was shown as there wasn't much else to showcase for the PS4, a voice over would take 5 mins.

- This was always slated for a Japanese release first. There was never any concrete release date, only 'shortly after the Japanese launch'. Western release hasn't even been officially confirmed, the closet confirmation is stated as 'under consideration'.

- The game has now been delayed for its initial launch audience, and just to reiterate previous Western release date has been confirmed let alone given a date.

No doubt it will come, question is when.

ivan5101811d ago

The division and sunset:od were delayed to 2015

Elit3Nick1811d ago

Sunset Overdrive wasn't delayed...

air11811d ago

Funny... Everyone screams " I want new ip's"

I thought this place would be flooded, I guess the title should have been. Ps4 new ip's vs xb1 new ip's. I bet this post would be right at the top with 10k plus comments...

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