Why Mikami chose 'The Evil Within' and why Tango Gameworks joined Zenimax

In a year where we will see a lot of horror games, and a lot of quality ones at that, The Evil Within is setting up to be one of the most anticipated titles, especially since it's coming from one of the publishers known for highly quality games, Bethesda Softworks.

Recently, Shinji Mikami, who is the boss of The Evil Within, discussed the reasons behind why he wanted to make The Evil Within as well as why Tango Gameworks made the decision to ultimately join the ranks of Zenimax.

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sigfredod3408d ago

The father of RE on thy i trust to deliver what Capcom lost sight long ago

adorie3408d ago

SSAO, I mean, So, they became Zenimax Asia.

TheEnigma3133408d ago

The Evil within looks scary as ****. This is what RE should have evolved into. I'm definitely looking forward to this.

Akuma2K3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

So true about the RE series evolving, i think RE4 was heading in the right direction toward that way but Capcom messed it all up with RE5 and RE6 and the series was never the same.

Even with Capcom announcing RE7, they have one heck of an uphill climb to make that game better than Outlast and if The Evil Within is even scarier than Outlast then it won't matter if Capcom go back to the RE1 and RE2 roots to make RE7 because other development teams are doing things better and different in terms of creepiness and spookiness, atmosphere, music and "scare moments" etc...

I'm still trying to finish Outlast, i'm stuck in the sewer trying to get away from the fat

Rhezin3408d ago

Horror has finally made it's return. First Outlast, then The Forest, and now The Evil Within. Can't wait!

Akuma2K3401d ago

Never heard of the Forest game, is that new, old or a port ?

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