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Touch Arcade: I can't imagine Dungeon Keeper is going to satisfy anyone very much. If you loved the old games, you're going to be pretty unhappy with how much the game's been simplified and monetized, and if you just like a good F2P construction/war game, you're going to find this one severely lacking in a variety of ways compared to the best and brightest in the genre.

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hazelamy1713d ago

there's going to be a special place in hell for ea and the creators of this version of DK.

24 hours to break some blocks.

i worked out that the cost of the gems to break the block instantly would be £1.50.

£1.50 per block.

admittedly not all blocks take that long, there are 3 second blocks in the centre, and four hour blocks around those.

but most of the blocks are the four hour or 1 day blocks.

i'd say that third, worst company in the US, award is in the bag for ea this year.

denero11713d ago

I heard they ruined a well loved series -_- EA smh

Krimmson1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Ain't the first time EA ruined a well loved series, that's for damn sure.

From Ultima to Dead Space, EA tends to do this all the time.

hazelamy1713d ago

and it won't be the last either.

Pintheshadows1713d ago

Even the BBC had a news story about how much microtransaction exploitation was in this game. How can you ruin something held so dearly by so many peo... oh right, it is EA.

zxalpha641713d ago

Top class review. Well written and above all brutally honest. Its a shame that more reviews are not like this.