Find Your Courage With These Bravely Default Tips

Hardcore Gamer: Hardcore Gamer doesn’t give out perfect scores often. So when you read our review for Bravely Default, and you scroll down and you see the little 5 next to the other little 5 at the bottom of the page, it means you should get hyped. Ridiculously, mouth-frothingly over-the-top hyped. We loved it and are currently loving it, and if you’ve got a 3DS you’re probably eager to start loving it too. But Bravely Default is a tough lover, and a harsh mistress. You could ask her to be gentle, but then, what kind of man would that make you? If you’re planning to play on normal or hard, your body might not be ready for all the game can dish out. Fortunately, I’m here to offer guidance.

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ChaosKnight1809d ago

There's some helpful stuff in here. This game kicks my butt too often.