Why Sakurai’s Smash 4 Updates Are Inadequate

GaminRealm: "After Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS was revealed, Sakurai informed fans that they will be receiving Smash 4 updates via the official Miiverse community in the Dojo’s stead. Most gamers were slightly disappointed that we wouldn’t have a flashy, organized site to visit, but outside of that, everyone was still ecstatic and anticipated the same kind of savory updates we received in the past.

Boy, were we wrong. I’ll be quick and straight to the point: The Miiverse updates suck."

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DryBoneKoopa852688d ago

I find them to be fine. Miiverse is kind of a way to allow fans a first glimpse before everyone else can report on it. If your a fan of the game I'm sure you already have a Wii U in anticipation for this tittle. Just my opinion on the subject but I could be wrong. Some people might want MORE information then Sakurai is letting out.

drop_dead_ed142687d ago

Some people want MORE some people want a surprise. With no release date, trickles of info is more than enough to know that its being made and technical aspects that are relevant as far as changed or tweaked. I say give us the technical parts of the game rather than the glitz and glamour.

Wouldn't it be cool to use that old Wii service where people could vote on questions, but with a game like this. Voting which characters make the cut from a selected few. It's probably one of the best ways to get a direct consumer choice amongst current wii u owners A "consumers choice" fighter

Zodiac2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I don't want any updates. Show me a character trailer at E3, and let me and my friends find out everything else when we get together to play.

pootymcpoockle2687d ago

In my opinion they're just enough. I don't like knowing too much before going into any new game, as it ruins the surprise! I'd love it if some of the games hidden characters were never even announced prior to its release.

wonderfulmonkeyman2687d ago

Are we really attacking the guy who's doing all of the character playtesting and balancing work all on his own, despite a severe wrist injury?

Is THAT how ungrateful the community has become?!


The man's already working his ASS off to get this game prepped and ready for a release this year! WHILE HE'S IN PAIN FROM AN INJURY!
We're lucky we're even GETTING daily updates of ANY sort!

Be happy that he's even paying attention to the fans who are eager to hear more about the game and see some of the progress being done via screenshots of their moves and stuff.
He could very well ignore us entirely right now and justify it via being swamped with work, but he's NOT.
He's actually giving us some attention with these posts, which isn't something we can say about many devs in the industry right now.

Show some respect, or at least some gratitude, for his efforts.