Breaking: Too Human Landing August 19

Silicon Knights' Too Human for the 360 is finally nearing completion.

Yep, the project in development since 1999 (for the original PlayStation, no less) is one of Microsoft's trump cards for the approaching holiday season.

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Montrealien4467d ago

This game will be amazing!

gaffyh4467d ago

For 9 years development it better be good

shine13964467d ago

on and off nine years you was near cancelled or actually cancelled, last I heard...

Montrealien4467d ago

yeah, this version has been cooking for about 4 years now.

Dark_Vendetta4467d ago

Was hoping it comes earlier :(

Fallen_Angel4467d ago

ya I know july would of been nice see as there is nothign coming out that month

P4KY B4467d ago

This is brilliant news.

green4467d ago

Was expecting august so this makes me a happy person.This means a demo should be out pretty soon.

Hope we get to here some news on Halo Wars today

MyNutsYourChin4467d ago

Perfect timing to interfere with my studies. Ahh, the joy of procrastination by getting satisfaction through an action-RPG with a great story and lots of items/upgrades.

It's going to bring back memories of procrastination when Diablo II owned my private life. I can't wait to get into this game. It's going to rock.

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The story is too old to be commented.