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Internet Costs Will Spike As Xbox One, Playstation 4 Take Hold: Experts

Like video games? Then prepare to pay more for internet service, analysts are warning. It has to do with a combination of two factors...

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Community3812d ago
Christopher3812d ago

Which would make no sense since PC users utilize a lot more bandwidth than console gamers do in general (MMOs alone).

UltimateMaster3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Prepare to pay more for that too, especially PC and Steam Users who has no option of physical discs.

Article: ~
"Having equipped himself with a new Xbox One and a copy of "Dead Rising 3," he was forced to download a 13-gigabyte update to the game. How much is that? It’s the equivalent of nearly 20 standard-definition movies. And most Canadians have monthly download limits between 25 and 80 gigabytes.
So that one update can seriously eat up your bandwidth allotment, and you can quickly start running up overage fees."

“After carefully planning and monitoring my bandwidth usage for years and never paying overage fees, I’ve blown through the roof of my package three months straight,” Sapieha writes.


Article: ~ "Researcher and blogger Ben Klass says in his complaint to the CRTC that Bell is effectively charging an 800-per-cent markup on Netflix compared to what it charges for Bell Mobile TV, because its own service is exempt from download charges and Netflix isn’t."

"All of this is leading some telecom experts to call for a revival of the debate about net neutrality, and some are calling for new regulations to set the ground rules for ISPs in the age of streaming."

Yeah, the hell were they thinking in removing net neutrality?
Oh wait! It's already happening before it has begun..

Article ~ "After instituting download limits for all their customers in the last years of the last decade, Canadian ISPs have brought back unlimited plans, but they can cost considerably more than standard plans. Bell and Rogers both charge a $30 monthly fee to turn your internet plan into an unlimited one, though the charge falls to $10 extra if you have bundled services."

You should not go with Bell or Rogers.
Try to get unlimited with another provider, it shouldn't be that hard to find.

MazzingerZ3811d ago

Sorry to hear that, it seems mainly a problem in Northamerica due to the monopolies allowed by the goverments.

In Scandininavia you pay just a frozen fee.

Rather than comsumers paying more (which is thanks to this mentality those companies get away with those pricing models) I would say it is about time for goverments to protect the consumers by realising internet is not just to check email anymore so pricing models must adapt,

They need to force a change, to force those big companies don't charge big money to small new companies for using their network layers , high rates is on purpose to keep competition out and consequently prices high thx to their monopolies.

Elwenil3811d ago

Ah, no thanks. I think our government has it's fingers in a little too much already.

mcstorm3811d ago

I think as time goes by providers will start to make the limits higher as we are using more and more data. For example here in the UK if you are on a 3G phone network most tariffs have 1gb max limit on the data but now 4G has hit it has been upped to 10GB and some higher. I think ISP providers will do that too and I know shy have done that as I remember looking in the past at there tariffs and it was 2GB download limit and it is now 10GB. For me its never been an issues as I have always had an unlimited bundle as I download a lot of data each month due to my job and what I use at home.

KingDadXVI3811d ago

In Canada? Who else would you go to? Country wide your only options are Bell or Rogers. Sure you can get Shaw or Eastlink in select locations but Bell and Rogers have those guys locked into those regions.

This is why 25 years ago the cable and telcos were not allowed to merge. I thought our illustrious Conservative government was supposed to stop this shit from happening. Christ they spent about $5 million in ads saying they were going to stop these assholes from gouging us.

Welcome to Canada, the country where it's citizens get to bend over and have an icicle rammed up there ass while being told it is all OK by the government.

Western Democracy, what a joke. More like legalized rape.

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aquamala3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

MMOs and online multiplayer games don't use much bandwidth at all, downloading games and patches, streaming movies and games do.

Christopher3812d ago

MMOs and online multiplayer games have the most to patch and download. They are also all distributed digitally.

Furthermore, PC gamers get majority of all games digitally compared to console gamers.

Furthermore, PC and tablet/phone users download/stream more movies through torrents, iTunes, Amazon VOD, and the like than on consoles.

Somebody3811d ago

That's true but now next gen consoles are joining in the fray. Sony and MS are offering their own digital stores while streaming videos on Twitch became the hot new thing during launch. MS tried to put the X Box One as an online service permanently. Some of the hottest new games exclusively for next gen consoles are...gasp...MMOs!

If current PC and mobile bandwith usage is considered a mess, then next gen consoles will make it even worse.

Seafort3811d ago

Yup just downloaded over 20GB for an MMO which is in closed beta atm.

I live in UK and have Virgin Media as my ISP. No limits just a fair usage policy.

Using steam daily, I can dl a lot of data but it never phases me as my bandwidth is unlimited.

nukeitall3811d ago


MMOs then to have big downloads, but they also tend to be one big one for a long time. Once you download, the patch, the game can be played almost without regard for bandwidth entire time.

This also applies to game patches, but the bandwidth requirement of minimum 2GB+ an hour with Playstation NOW is a serious problem.

With an MMO you cannot play offline, but you can play a Playstation NOW game offline, without incurring higher internet fees.....

An old system and game would be dirt cheap for the most part too boot!

"Furthermore, PC and tablet/phone users download/stream more movies through torrents, iTunes, Amazon VOD, and the like than on consoles."

Yes, they do with one serious difference torrenting movies means, the cost of higher internet is offset by massive amount of essentially free new movies and tv show (illegally though). VoDs like Netflix and Amazon replaces cable, which tends to be higher even if you account for the higher internet cost by a wide margin.

So yeah...

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cyguration3811d ago

Nah, Steam compresses the crap out of their games. Only poorly optimized AAA titles are huge (i.e,. Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty). Also, I've downloaded about 10 - 15 Steam games which were all around or under a gig in the past and managed to keep my bandwidth total under 100gig.

Console games have pretty massive downloads, and the stealth patching/downloading that occurs during sleep mode has skyrocketed by bandwidth usage by over 200%.

Even with APB Reloaded updating often, it usually only had patches that maxed out at 128MB every two weeks or so. Other MMOs I've played were usually pretty tame, as well, requiring updates under 300MB every few weeks.

The consoles don't have throttle control and the games are all massive. I fear my ISP may start raising the price because my bandwidth usage is now crazy high.

Seraphim3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

How do you discriminate against the single electronic that people use to get on the net? What tax any PCs who are downloading heavy game files only?

Being a Canadian Article this doesn't apply to a good portion of N4G I'd think. However unless it was incorrectly stated that $30/mo for Unlimited isn't bad at all. We pay $50 for a shoddy ass Charter connection that barely gets 10-12mb/s and more often than not falls into the 5-8 range. That is also between the hours of 2am-7am when I'm done with work and predominately using my PC or gaming. Which is also a far cry for the supposed up to 30-50 they advertise. Think it was 50 at one point but they've changed it to advertising up to 30mb/s. Lately they're advertising a Business package w/ up to 100mb/s. Wonder how much that costs and whether we'd even be able to pull half the bandwith using it. The only time I pulled 30mb/s was after constant complaining and getting a new modem. For a few months I constantly pulled 30-42mb/s at all hours of the day, even peak. Anyway I don't see it being a problem in the US. Prices are already pretty high and in regards to Charter we don't get what we're advertised. It would be nice to see that bandwith we're suppose to have being open for us to use though. But in Corporate America that will never happen.

Anon19743811d ago

That's $30 extra, not $30 total monthly. We're talking internet fees of $50-60 a month for basics then $30 on top of that for unlimited, something that isn't even widely available across Canada. Even the most expensive plans usually have some sort of cap.

Sounds like the US service providers are starting to go the same route as well. I've heard a lot of the major providers stated implementing caps a few years ago. Troubling, to say the least, but they know they can get away with it as people consume more and more bandwidth.

Christopher3811d ago

***How do you discriminate against the single electronic that people use to get on the net? What tax any PCs who are downloading heavy game files only?***

More and more people are getting online via portable devices now than on PC.

Furthermore, this article is about hikes in Internet costs across the board solely because of consoles. It's not going to just target consoles, it's going to target everyone because of them.

It just doesn't make sense.

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Tru_Blu3812d ago

Exactly why the internet needs to be classified as a public utility same as water/gas/electric. Telcos had a chance to make good on the promises to the FCC and failed. Time to move on.

mhunterjr3811d ago


Here in the states,The pseudo monopolies that cable companies have been allowed to establish is bad enough. The net neutrality ruling pushed the situation over the edge.

caseh3811d ago

A bit of a non-issue here in the UK. The cost between paying for a limited bandwidth usage package and unlimited is marginal and has been this way for years.

grassyknoll3811d ago

I don't think us UK gamers will pay more, but I think we'll likely be throttled than anyone else.

caseh3811d ago

I believe BT and Virgin already throttle their connections for some protocols/during certain times of day.

I have 20Mb cable, if I download more than say 5gb in an hour I get throttled at about 40% for the next 5 hours. Not an issue really as they clearly state on their site that if you have any sizeable downloads, kick them off at midnight and you will be able to download all night without being throttled.

princejb1343811d ago


I believe you on this
When I download heavily my time warner cable randomly stops working for a few days
When I call them they always say that my internet box is bad and they will send a repair men but there's no coincidence that those 3 times that i download a lot I was kicked out for a few days.
After a day or 2 without internet my service goes back up as if nothing happened. Just admit it time warner cable already

Ripsta7th3811d ago

Yeah right,once gamers stop playing their onoine games and cancelling their bs internet, then they willrevert back and want us back . This is why i want Google fiber to come out to other states, so people can see how they get ripped off by their isp

kingdom183811d ago

I live in Ohio, although my speed isn't that bad I would kill for Google Fiber or even Verizon FiOS.

palaeomerus3811d ago

When I can't get decent internet for around $40 a month I'll drop it. I'm not going back to an AOL like system.