NISA Would Like to Bring All Disgaea Titles to the Xbox 360/One

GamerFitNation: Recently, GamerFitNation was able to get some questions answered by NISA reps Phoenix Spaulding, script editor, and Chris King, marketing coordinator. NISA are the publishers of PlayStation’s Disgaea titles. GamerFitNation wanted to find out about the future of the company and what games gamers could expect to see in the near future. What we learned brought joy to our eyes. When asked, “Is there any game in the NISA library that you would like to bring over to the Xbox 360/One if possible?”

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OmegaShen2784d ago

Why? They wouldn't buy it, I think they are better off staying PlayStation only.

admiralvic2783d ago


PR talk? A lot of NISA published titles are pretty niche and sell poorly even on the PlayStation 3 (like Mugen Souls. No clue why we're getting Mugen Souls Z). They're obviously going to answer something, since saying a random game isn't going to anger anyone or cause PR problems and they no doubt said Disgaea because it's their biggest / most popular series.

rainslacker2783d ago

You don't know that they wouldn't buy it. Disgaea is a pretty popular series, and even Xbox only owners recognize the name. Same with Persona.

Here's the kicker though. Unless MS gets something going in Japan this gen, it probably won't happen. These games are made for the Japanese market, and Japanese devs are going to produce the game where they get most of their sales. Disgaea is pretty big in Japan. Here it is more niche.

Disgaea isn't really niche anymore. However Mugen Souls is, along with several other titles they produce. They aren't terribly niche in Japan though, and it doesn't cost a whole lot to translate, so they obviously make enough profit to bring them out. Things like Mugen Souls, Atelier, etc, are all running on the same engine, using mostly the same game play mechanics, etc to make development costs low enough to sustain profit.

That's all fine for me though, because I am part of the niche. I would like to see more sales from these series though, even if it means multi-platform production, just so there is more incentive for companies to produce and localize them.

OmegaShen2783d ago Show
ZodTheRipper2783d ago

I honestly don't think more than 20% of Xbox owners know about Disgaea.

I hope they make a next-gen Disgaea though.

Dread2783d ago

Whatever dude. I would buy it immediately.

maniacmayhem2784d ago

That would be awesome. this game deserves more recognition and cross platform play. I also think this game would fit well on a Nintendo console too.

il-JumperMT2784d ago Show
admiralvic2783d ago

What did you really expect them to say? Disgaea is the only Nippon Ichi series that is truly popular and its not like they would say "we don't want our games on the Xbox."

zippycup2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

i am a big fan of disgaea games curently palying the vita vesrsion only 200+ houers in hopfuly can get another 100 or more out of it hehehe

and althoug i am a sony fan i would love to see them on 360/1
more sales means more money means nisa can bring more rpg over to us its a win win situation

i now sony and microsoft want to keep as meany exclusives as they can but nisa could bring in someany more rpg if they had the money for it and crossplatform would be great for them

Godmars2902783d ago

More sales also means more production costs in order to make it available on other platforms. Which is where the concern for how it will sell on those other platforms.

Also an issue of making exclusive content which automatically alienates your older, larger, fanbase.

zippycup2783d ago

i see your point gues i will have to learn japanise and import more rpg's honestly i was born in the wrong continent bubble for you godmars

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