No Alan Wake In 2008

A Microsoft Spokesperson has told TVG that Microsoft's Gamers Day (soon to start in San Francisco) is showcasing all of the company's major game releases for 2008, strongly suggesting that triple A title Alan Wake (which isn't on show at the event) will quietly slip into the 2009 release window that gamers all probably knew but hoped wouldn't happen.

Billed as a free roaming, psychological thriller that takes place across six square miles of the town Bright Falls, Alan Wake was originally announced at E3 2005 and subsequently revealed as an Xbox 360/PC exclusive at E3 2006. Since then everything has gone extremely quiet, not even a new trailer in the subsequent years.

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Montrealien5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

Allan Wake Forever?

To bad, I am looking forward to this one. Eh well, not like I have good games to play till then. ;D

SL1M DADDY5433d ago

Sad too, I was really looking forward to this title.

kevoncox5433d ago

This game is never coming out. They will have to re-write the graphics engine because it's just average right now.

Leathersoup5432d ago

I've got my fingers crossed that it comes out in early 2009. ;)

Well when ever it comes out I'll be getting it. If Max Payne is anything to go by these people know how to work with game mechanics.

DethWish5432d ago

Thought I'd write the same thing then saw your comment.. :/

marinelife95432d ago

Alone in the Dark looks really good you can enjoy that until Alan Wake finally comes out.

CrashSharc5432d ago

I'd like to see people complain about sony showing KZ2 @ E3 05 and delaying it till Feb next year, in light of this from MS. I'm not saying any company sucks, It's just that I hate hearing the whiney people who can't bear delays. Good things take time, deal with it... Be it PS3 or 360.

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shanbcn5433d ago

While Alan Wake doesn't even have release month yet.

Montrealien5433d ago

You tell them fanbot! Put a mark on your wall of victory! And be proud, you clearly don`t have much to be proud of irl.

Greysturm5433d ago

Just owning the 360 in every department in 2008 and unless e3 proves me wrong 2009 as well.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5433d ago

We still have 6 more for 08, 3 more than you :)

White-Sharingan5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

lol @ Jason counting games like Viva Pi~ata and Harry Potter games

EDI: WAIT! I THOUGHT 360 GAMES COULDNT GET DELAYS?!? and here Xbots have been telling me its only the PS3

what a shame

Sir Ken Kutaragi5432d ago


So it's just 'GTA4:DLC' and 'Cartoons of War 2' WOW!!! ;-D

kid from brooklyn5432d ago

MGS4, Little Big Planet, R2, Socom

-These four games dump on anything Microsoft is putting out so how bout you shut your biased mouth

Montrealien5432d ago

Let me just add these titles to the games I am looking forward to play in 2008

Gears of War 2
BK : Nuts and Bolts
Resistance 2
Too Human
WotLK (maybe in 08)
Ninja Gaiden 2

and a bunch more that I am surely missing...

2008 is not Sony`s year! It`s My year! woot I win!

t-0_ot-5432d ago

@White-Sharingan - Actually, Alan Wake hasn't had a set release date, yet. KillZone 2 did and then got delayed..

There is a difference between "Delayed" and "Moved Back."

Homicide5432d ago

HAHAHAHAHa! The 2008 exclusive list for the 360 has become more sh1tty. Dumb bots just got owned.

Skaterboy Tell Em5432d ago

Ok moron since killzone 2 had a release date can you tell us what it was? Do you have a link to back up your idiotic statement? didnt think so dumbass, killzone never had a concrete release date so saying it got delayed is just foolish. Now go crawl back into your little hole moron.

Montrealien5432d ago

Since I can play all these amazing games, I declare victory for all the True Gamers over all the fanboys on the planete!

Pain5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

or just Jump out and hope u can swim.

lolAlan tech demo good luck on that one.

White-Sharingan5432d ago

@t-0_ot- whats the difference between having a set month of release than having a set year for release?

the game was set for 2008, saying its for 2009 automatically makes it a delayed game

just like Too Human (2007) and Halo 3 (release day and date with the PS3, lmao!) :\

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BIoodmask5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

by the trailer and physics engine that was shown a while back. I had a feeling that Alan Wake wouldn't be released in '08 anyways bc Remedy/Microsoft never mentioned a release date.

decapitator5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

Yeah I agree but then makes you wonder why it still isn't coming out after been announced a while back. Is been over 2 years since we have heard anything about the game.

If the 360 version is not ready, they should at least release the PC version. I really wanna play this game already.

kevoncox5433d ago

It's a thriller, you can't really give out too much info. see RE

mirroredderorrim5433d ago

I will always wait for this one. I can't wait to see how this will stack against SH5 or even SH2 ( my personal fav)

jkhan5433d ago

Bummer :(
I was really hoping this game will release in 2008. I mean apart from NG2, Fable2 and Gears 2, microsoft doesn't have any good exclusives:(