Always Nintendo Interviews – Shin’en

Always Nintendo got the chance to interview game developer Shin'en! This interview talks about what Shin'en might have in store for the future!

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Activemessiah3289d ago

At first glance i thought it was F_Zero...

darkstar183289d ago

shinen is one my top development teams ever, they make amazing looking games but never let that get in the waybof gameplay. I cant wait to set my eyes on Fast Racing Neo on my Wii U its gonna be amazing ;)

Venoxn4g3289d ago

love Shinen :) good devs

Zjet3289d ago

I love Shin'en but half their games never make it to the Australian/New Zealand eShop

We never got F.A.S.T racing League for Wii
we never got Nano Assault on 3DS

and we still have not got Jett Rocket 2! i have even emailed Shin'en regarding this and kept getting told it will be out soon.....

Love you Shin'en but please get your games out worldwide!!!!!!!!

BoneBone3289d ago

Was this an interview or just a cross-line? Just sounds like you bumped into him on a busy tramline in Berlin.

Bionic3289d ago

Haha no, it was a planned interview.


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