Blind Playtest – Zack & Wiki

James Day of makes Pete and Andy try a game that they’ve never played nor heard of. In this edition of Blind Playtest they play Zack & Wiki for the Wii

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SuperWeeb2494d ago

Zack & Wiki was one of my favourite games of last generation, and one of the few Wii games I actually enjoyed.
If Nintendo do not snap up a sequel, I hope Sony or Microsoft do.

YoungKingDoran2494d ago

Inventive use of the Wiimote, even before motion plus.
This was a fun game, and wracked my brain on a few puzzles.

Now I'm just guessing here, but this game's unfortunate failure probably contributed to what turned Capcom how they are today; that is a risk-less company who tries to do everything they possibly can to not lose or miss out on a dime.