Impossible Gaming - Contra III The Alien Wars

Chadley and Tristan of Punch Nerds pick up this beast of a game in the first episode of Impossible Gaming. The idea of the show is that the duo play games that are notoriously difficult until somebody rage quits. In this first episode the guys talk about child like mentality, Contra Chess and and the excellent music that comes with the game

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Dannycr3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

This Contra is waaaay harder than Contra 1 and Super C. I used to beat Contra 1 without dying, but Contra 3 was impossible.

Vanna3035d ago

This game was amazing my drove my friend and i cwazzy trying to finish it.

We eventually did but i think we wore out and we did it co op but still it was really tough but fun.

I love emu gaming these days so i might have to try this one again but solo

hduce3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

One of my favorite games of all time I just downloaded the game from the Wii U eshop and it is still awesome to play after all this time. I wish they would remake the game with updated graphics.

Edit: this game is very challenging but its not as hard as the guys that were playing it makes it seem. These guys really suck at the game. There have much harder Contra games out there than Alien Wars.

chadley3035d ago

We sure do hduce. We sure do.

hduce3034d ago

I am happy that you guys took the time to highlight such an awesome game. I don't know how old you guys are but some games aren't as easy as I remember them. I use to breeze through the Mega Man series on both Nes and Super Nes but I tried to play the series on the Wii U virtual console and I was terrible. I don't even think I could get past the first level of those games. Old school side scrollers take precision, reflexes, and patience. These are traits I now lack, I guess.

Dannycr3035d ago

It's a matter of perspective. Everyone thinks that Contra 1 and Super C are harder, i personally think Contra 1 and Super C are way easier than 3 and 4 (the DS one)

hduce3034d ago

I thought the original Contra on both arcade and Nes was not too hard. Super C in the arcade was very difficult for me to play but the Nes version was very forgiving. Contra III may have been easier for me because I played the hell out of the game.

chadley3034d ago

Prior to making this video, I hadn't played III in like 5 years

hduce3034d ago

I am going to give it a shot tonight and we'll see how I make out. I will break out the Snes for the controller so I can feel right at home.