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GIZORAMA - Since the day I first played Burnout 3: Takedown, I have been a huge racing game enthusiast, from Mario Kart to Wipeout to Forza, I have been drifting and burning rubber my way through the racing game genre, and loving every minute of it. So then imagine my excitement when I found out that I had the opportunity to play and review the young yet promising new addition the racing world, glorified for its meticulous and realistic physics; the little Ayrton Senna within me squealed with glee!

Next Car Game, released by Bugbear Entertainment (also the developers of the immensely fun FlatOut series), made its first appearances in the gaming community during its (unfortunately, failed) Kickstarter campaign (due to its lack of funding and inability to reach its goal; but, hell-bent on the release of the game, the developers recently released an early access version of the game on Steam) as well as by making its rounds in the subforum (or "sub-reddit") /r/gaming on the popular social news and entertainment site Reddit. Reddit users praised the game's physics intensive engine while also admitting skepticism concerning the sensitivity of the damage system. Getting my hands on the game, as well the "Sneak Peak Technology 2.0"** ( a pre-order exclusive giving early buyers the opportunity for a more in-depth look and sneak peak into the game's physics engine), gave me the necessary insight in deciding whether Next Car Game will follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and live up to the game that the gaming community has hyped it up to be, or crash and burn, just like its Kickstarter.

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