Rumor: Specs For Nintendo’s Next-Gen Systems Surface

GaminRealm: "Rumors of Nintendo working on their next-gen system have recently surfaced, and along with them comes a report of the supposed specifications for both the next Nintendo handheld and home console. I’ll go out on record right now and state that it’s not a rumor that Nintendo is working on their next products – all companies start planning their next hardware 1-2 years after launching a new system. So there’s no doubt that Nintendo’s next systems are definitely in the works as we speak.

But one thing we don’t know for sure, is the details, plans, and specifications of these next-generation systems."

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BALLBAGS2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Wii u is not even two years old..Nintendo are playing a very dangerous game and risk upsetting their loyal fans if a new console is released within the next year or two by not considering those customers who shelled out on a wii u

Roccetarius2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Not to mention the marketing nightmare, which they have to endure by telling customers about this new thing.

Hmm, i wonder if people will start calling it a Gen 9 console.

SquareSoft2708d ago

Nintendo Next-Gen Mobile Gaming.

hakis862708d ago

Very big grain of salt!!

I mean, why would they make a console that on paper trumphs the others in FLOPS, but still have LESS ram? (don´t care if it´s faster, it´s still less memory for textures etc...need a lot of memory for 4K games).

Eonjay2708d ago

Not to mention the fact that these specs would make the system rather expensive

UltraNova2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Nintendo: Dont worry MS did that with the original xbox but still all original xbox owners took a bow at that effort and showed their appreciation by buying a 360 or a couple after they RROD on them so why the hell our fans wont do the same???:-)

There's a saying: Once stupid, twice stupid, thrice a deem-weeded moron!!!

hahahahaa Just messing with you guys! If Nintendo releases such a machine, I mean 4 times the power of PS4? Count me in!

PS: I didnt buy the original xbox nor the wii or wii u ;-)

b163o12708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

M$ left so many gamers up sheight creek with the way they just left the Orig.Box with very to no support. Nintendo will be Ok, step one they've seen there problem and is in the mist of rectifying it. It'll be hell in there money, there probably fall into survival mode. I really don't think people would let Nintendo die.

S/N Lets say Nintendo did fold, how much do you think there franchises are worth??? <Zelda>

ProjectVulcan2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Reads like a wishlist rather than a genuine spec sheet. Someone wrote them (badly) during a wet dream.

2816 shaders @ 960 MHz, 4.60 TFLOP/s, Fillrates: 60.6 Gpixel/s, 170 Gtexel/s)

2816 shader GPU based on the R200 series? In short, that's an R9 290X.

That's a $550 GPU alone.

For a start, the fillrates and floating point performance quoted don't match to the performance of the core specs.

The slower R9 290 is a 4.8 teraflop part, this configuration would have to be very broken to not have 5+ teraflops.

The DDR4 memory wouldn't provide remotely enough bandwidth for that sort of graphics processor. Not even CLOSE to enough.

DDR4 2400 offers about 153GB/s on a 512 bit memory bus. That's less than PS4 using a much slower graphics core. R9 290X operates with 320GB/s.....

Not to mention it is very expensive too because it is new.

The CPU would be insanely expensive.

Biggest load of hogwash I seen today. Terrible article and rumour.

mewhy322708d ago

Nintendo needs to go software, mobile, and handhelds only to get out of this nightmare. They made a huge mistake with Wii-U. Bad marketing, bad messaging, no killer apps early on, no third party support, weak hardware. They have got to abandon the Wii-U and go with games, mobile, and 3DS.

TheGreatAndPowerful2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Well considering that not too many people bought a Wii U in the first place I don't think it's going to piss off many users and it's not like they're going to cut support for it any time soon so it should be alright.

But holy fak 4.60 TFLOP/s? Did Nintendo just slingshot past both Sony and MS? Xbone will officially be the weakest next-gen platform if these specs are true. lololol

I'll definitely pic up their next box based off these specs, oh hell yes.

light692708d ago


Dam fool do you not read!?

ginsunuva2708d ago

Doesn't matter since no one heard of Wii U anyway.

indyman77772708d ago

Yeah I could see it being a marketing nightmare to release so soon. But if they offer a generous trade in it will offset some of it. The other thing is your games will be backwards compatible.

But what would you do stay on a losing train, or upset the cart to get back on track? This is their chance to turn a negative(low tech) into a positive (higher tech!)

This would cement me getting a wii with my PS4. It may also cement some xbox one people getting a xbox one and a Nintendo.

With Nintendo being the leader in backwards compatibility they will own on that front. You would finally have third party support. Plus lots of JRPG's that people missed out on that they can download, or find a old copy of used.

Their are clearly a lot of people interested in this article I went to target came right out got back in the comments had jumped from 78 to 124! Wow.

Did you people notice HDMI 4K port? Will you be able to buy a game digitally at the store with a NFC transaction? That would be sweet. no more sold out. No more having to worry about five hour game download.

The ram does sound like overkill for the handheld though.

Hence the salt.

seanpitt232708d ago

It would cost at least $1000 So don't believe this rumor/article guys

lilbroRx2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

It probably just their next handheld. Nintendo always releases their handheld first.

We aren't going to see a new console until we see a new handheld.

It would make every problem Nintendo is having right now so much worse.

Third. doesn't this sound just like the crap people did with the nonexistent "WiiHD" in the past?

Saigon2708d ago

To me it looks like Nintendo is planning for their future of gaming and these specs are currently with the devs to see how they fair. I am sure before their new platform releases, these specs would change.

My other assumptions is that they are planning to release a vita/ps4 integration system with their next console or an additional console that utilizes both items in discussion as one.

blackbeld2708d ago


"There's a saying: Once stupid, twice stupid, thrice a deem-weeded moron!!! "

Hahaha, that was funny and so true. You make my day ;)

Pekka2708d ago

@vulcanproject and seanpitt32: They cost that much right now but not couple years from now. As with every technology, those parts cost less than half as much in less than 2 years. Heck, perhaps even in less than 1 year. 4-5 years from now and those components would not cost more than $100 and would be considered completely outdated. Yes, even these components.

This is forgotten by many which talk about technology, prices of components go down very quickly. If you buy PC costing $1000 right now, it would be worth less than $500 in less than couple years. Actually, a lot less than $500.

ProjectVulcan2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

@ Pekka

I'm fully aware that high end semiconductor lithography gets cheaper with time. I probably understand that better than most on these forums. I am also aware that these specs are total nonsense, for just a few of the reasons I outlined besides the price.

The cost of them is only another factor that would make a console like this not viable for a very long time. Even with a new generation of graphics processors this year, an R9 290X style core will still be worth at least $300 by itself 12 months from now.

Don't imagine it would be something like $100, because that is ludicrous if you know anything about pricing trends of graphics cards. A top end card like that even supplanted by a new generation is still worth quite a bit. One look at the 7970ghz should tell you this. It's 18 months old, been completely superceded by faster cards, yet it's still worth a good $350. 3 year old GTX580s go for like $200 second hand....

The IBM CPU would be totally brand new, and expensive all the same, even in a year. The architecture isn't even actually out for another 6 months or more.

I would also believe it unlikely Nintendo would not chose x86 like it's rivals, if their aim is to build a more powerful machine.

DDR4 memory, while also never possible as video memory for the graphics core as I said, will still be impossibly and pointlessly expensive in 12 months when GDDR5 would be the only sensible option for a machine these specs would suggest.

So its total nonsense, would still be expensive to manufacture even in 12 months (easily more than Xbox One, which will probably have a price cut by then anyway), and the specs are clearly made up.

Lets not get common sense or obvious engineering flaws in the way of mad unsubstantiated rumours with no evidence whatsoever, right?

dantesparda2708d ago

Im with Vulcan, it rad like a fanboy wishlist. And this is way to early for any real specs. If you believe this crap, than i dont know what to tell you

StealthPandemic2708d ago

Sometimes i wonder if anyone even know what "Generation" means (Gen)? If a new Nintendo console came out it would be apart of this generation. NOT a new generation.

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Manic20142708d ago

Actually its R&D they start very early, if this is true then this console may be out in 3 years the quickest. Sony announced they had started Development for PS4 in 2009. Although It still seem's a little hasty for nintendo starting just 14 months after the launched.

stragomccloud2708d ago

Nintendo has stated that they always begin development on the new consuls the day after they release their current ones.

MoveTheGlow2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Also, they merged their R&D console and hardware teams shortly after WiiU was released. With both working together, they should at least have the complete vision and core functionality they want out of the systems down by now.

Releasing this in, say, November 2015, would dampen the price of the parts they need. I'd say that the rumored stuff above, if true, is a very early build - a prototype. Parts will change drastically in-between now and when they need that system finalized.

I really want to hear about the new one at E3. They won't have to admit defeat on the WiiU, they'll still keep it going or whatever, but they could easily just say they're working on something new, here's the name, here's what we're planning on making it do, end of story. A "Revolution"-type announcement. Heck, we know how different everything turned out with that one.

Also, even if this rumor is false, they should just roll with that Fusion name. Beats the heck out of "Wii" anything.

ABizzel12708d ago

It's fake, and to be frank if whoever wrote visits n4g, they've lifted this whole concept and design from me, and my various post.

I said Nintendo should either go high end with an APU based on the R9 280 series or higher (more than likely the HD 9000 series GPU's), DDR4 / GDDR5 (They'll pick the cheaper route), Wii U Gamepad+ that allows DS / 3DS / and 4DS (new) to play games on your HDTV upscaled to 1080p. $300 - $400 (2018)


Focus on a entry level console, that acts as a media hub for your Wii U Gamepad+, streaming content to it and your HDTV (kind of like a much more powerful versions of PS Vita TV, but on par with the XBO / PS4). The New Wii U Gamepad with this console would be an actual Gaming tablet, you can use and take with you on the go, with enough hardware to scale the console games down to playable level on the Gamepad while your traveling. $199 - $299 (2016)

Mash both together and you get this announcement. If it were real one of the first places it would have been would be neogaf / VGleaks as they find out EVERYTHING, since actual developers visit Gaf constantly, and VGleaks knows plenty of people in the industry.

I find it funny how much this article gets "This might be real" from Nintendo fans, but when I was typing this and saying this is the direction Nintendo should go, Nothing but disagrees. LMAO. WMIF

Reibooi2708d ago

It does seem a bit fast for them to be thinking about another console more so when they need to try and salvage what they did with the Wii U. They need to admit that either they need to stop being a gen behind or that they need to stop relying on dumb gimmick controls and go back to what Nintendo does best. Solid as hell and polished game play.

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uptownsoul2708d ago

I don't know if it will be released in the next 2 years but they are playing a dangerous game tempting people to just hold on to their wii's a bit longer to find out more about the Fusion DS and Fusion Terminal

MrSwankSinatra2708d ago

you do realize that customers can trade their wii u's for this machine to offset the price of what they would pay without doing so.

iamnsuperman2708d ago

Don't you think the price(especially trade in price) of the Wii U would plummet if this was true. It would be a 2-3 year old system. It would also have a knock on effect for customers as the risk of buying a Nintendo product would be high (which makes this a severally unlikely move)

biglittlesps2708d ago

making a powerful system is not going t solve Nintendo problems with games. This rumor still has different architecture compared to PS4/Xbone and not going to be affordable like PS4/Xbox one when it comes out(if it did). PS4/Xbox one will have great games for next 3 years and very good library compared to this new rumored Next gen Wii U.

eferreira2708d ago

you still have to include the original price you paid for the wii u.

DC7772708d ago

The game pad would be quite a collectible since it would still be usable with the new system but no longer available for purchase. That would keep future trade in values up.

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bunfighterii2708d ago

R&D lead time on a new console is a long time...

that said, we had a PS4 and XBox One out within 24 months of the time these sort of rumours started circulating.

maybe they decided to compete with current gen and get games they actually need to provide a machine of similar spec?

MRMagoo1232708d ago

I think they could refresh the nintendo market by bringing out a snes2 imo, i would buy one

indyman77772708d ago

ROFL! If they bought out SNES2 Finally, with 4TFLOPS! That would bring back some loyal thoughts! People forget that SNES was a technical leader. And N64 had better polygon shaders and more polygons than PS1 but was held back by the cartridge against the PS1 CD which had 700meg compared to less than 65 meg for N64. Not to mention PS1 had a two year head start and cd quality sound.

My point is Nintendo is not a stranger to fighting it out in specs and having better graphical specs. And they are doing great financially despite having a bad quarter.

mhunterjr2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I doubt they would be very far along in development of a new console at this point.

Even still, if they were, I'm sure there fan base would be upset, but 5million adopters is a drop in the ocean compared to the adoption they could get with a more competitive console.

MS released the 360 after 4 years of the original xbox, and things turned out fine for them.

DC7772708d ago

Yeah maybe but these new consoles are only tweaked gaming pcs these days with a few extras.

It wouldn't take long if you kept it simple like Sony did and had a base already to work from.

hollabox2708d ago

Looks like my prediction for 2015 new system announced or released by Nintendo will come true. But you know what all the fanboys are going to say? We have the most powerful system, 2.5K/4K gaming, Nintendo messed up with the Wii U, they won't make that same mistake twice. At 4.6 TFLOPS we have more power than all the current systems combined! Enjoy gaming @30FPS 1080P, we can do 1080P at 60hz minimal.

It would be nice to see the Mario series with Ray Tracing graphics!If these specs are true this would be inline or slightly above what I expected from my currently own next gen consoles. If this rumor is true and if Nintendo launches a new console next year or in 2016 this will mess up the current next gen cycle for a generation or two.

DeadlyFire2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

This is rumor, but I suspect new DS to be announced or launched in 2015/2016 Possibly with a new console trailing behind it in 2016/2017. Although I suspect 4.6 Tflops will be next gen worthy console even with less RAM.

I do find 3 things odd about these specs.

One. AMD Adrendo 420. AMD doesn't own Adreno.
Two. IBM Power 8 @ 2.2 Ghz Since IBM Power7, and I suspect Power8 runs comfortably at 4 Ghz it sounds odd, but Nintendo castrating a CPU wouldn't be the oddest thing in the world. Although it makes me believe they will go with something like IBM 800 series CPU like how WiiU rumors started out with Power7 then shifted away from that.
Three. 4 GB of RAM. PS4/XB1 both feature 8 GB of RAM. A generation later they could shift up even further leaving more of a gap.

I suspect if Nintendo does indeed launch a new console in 2016 they will be in it for a LONG haul facing next gen PS5/XB4 head on with their console and going forward without a newer console until PS6/XB5 are ready. I don't suspect they will mess up any cycle for the others. Although I suspect 4.6 Tflops will not be cheap until 2017-2020 around the time for PS5/XB4 consoles to be prepped.

IBM Power 8 can feature up to 8 threads per core and tuneable? So we could see up to 64 threads on the next Nintendo console? While PS4/XB1 have 8? I find this hard to believe.

hollabox2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

@ deadly fire

The ram is fairly low but the way Nintendo games are designed 4GB would be plenty. 2016 launch is definitely not out of the question, I think the first Xbox was only on the market from 2001-2005 before the X360.

Regarding the Adreno GPU, the division that makes this processor use to belong to ATI/AMD before being sold to QC. The CPU makes sense, besides I like the RISC architect better for gaming than X86/64!

filchron2706d ago

YES! granted mario 3D world looks good, i cant help but think what could have been if nintendo had a made a console capable of recreating the super mario 64 instruction booklet CGI art (or something close to it). it would be more mature than mario's catsuit game with simplistic environments. they need to recapture what made Mario 64 so great, when you were in the bowser levels the music was dark and ominous, as if princess peach's life is actually hanging in the balance if you dont defeat bowser. THIS is more the art-style that would have satisfied people who GREW UP WITH MARIO. a little darker and more realistic, it could have some cutesy bits like in mario 3D world sure, but they went waaaaay too overboard with that stuff in my opinion. whole levels made out of candy and sweets? come on guys, as mature nintendo loving gamers we deserve more than what they have given us unfortunately.

asmith23062708d ago

I disagree. Nintendo are loaded, so they could easily put a new console out in the next few years. That would also seriously disrupt the X1 and PS4 mid way through their lifecycle. No doubt it would be a far more powerful machine for the same price. The WiiU name was a disaster for Nintendo because people associated this "console" with the Wii... as an accessory! The average consumer has a WiiMote, a WiiFit, etc., when they seen the WiiU they just thought tablet for the Wii for $300. No thanks. Nintendo needs to react with a new console sooner or later, because as it stands, it is dead in the water vs the PS4 and X1.

biglittlesps2708d ago

I don't expect price to be same and I'm sure PS4/Xbox one costs very less compared to this specs even after 3 years. Do you expect PS4/Xbox one to be still 400/500$ after 3 years? (or) Do you expect this rumoured Wii U will be 300$ machine using those specs?

ceedubya92708d ago

I feel like the Wii-U was a mistake, only in that the timing of it was terrible. I love my Nintendo franchises, but it is very difficult to justify the release of a console that is mostly on par with 360/PS3 at 2x the price in most cases and so late in a generation. And everyone knew that Microsoft and Sony's now current gen consoles weren't too far off whether they had been announced yet or not.

Still, I'd definitely be interested in a new Nintendo Console if it is on par or slightly better than the One and PS4.

swice2708d ago

I'm sorry, but I disagree. Wii U is not on par with PS3 nor 360. It's better, except for the online

ceedubya92708d ago

No problem, man. Your opinion is valid. Still, while the hardware itself is probably better than the 360 or PS3, I haven't seen much of any games on it to this point that stand head and shoulder above those consoles. Multiplats are often inferior on the Wii U, and while a number of Nintendo's first party titles are definitely quality, I haven't seen anything that blows the 8 year old competition out of the water.

That's why I say that it is about on par with the others. It hasn't really done anythiing yet to show it is actually better than the other two, at least as far as games are concerned. Still, I'm EXTREMELY excited for X and Bayonetta 2. Those games are almost worth the price of the Wii U alone for me. :)

liquidhalos2708d ago

Diskless version with 300gb internal flash? 500gb is questionable for the ps4/Xbox One (especially with the inevitable surge in digital dowlnloads) surely something smaller for next gen wii-u is a bad idea? Especially when you consider that this particular SKU wont come with a disk drive.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Nintendo is working on a new console but this just isnt it. These specs are a hodgepodge of awesome and terrible.

Im willing to wager that the next nintendo will be made with a little more hindsight than these specs suggest. Nintendo arent stupid, they wont make the same mistake twice. Heres hoping that next time around we have all 3 console makers vying for top spot

arkard2708d ago

@ Vulcan.. We have to remember this would be planning phase right now, so what would these components cost in 3 to 4 years time? It would probably be much more cost effective then.

ProjectVulcan2708d ago

I am fully aware this is SUPPOSED to be an early phase.

But its still wrong. The specs are blatantly incorrect/useless as I pointed out. There is no getting around that whatsoever.

No systems engineer worth his salt would consider only DDR4 memory with a GPU that powerful, let alone the floating point performance quoted being flat out WRONG for the core suggested.

These are plain and obvious signs the specs are mocked up and imagined by someone with a bit too much time and not enough even basic knowledge of hardware.

Kayant2708d ago


Nice put thanks for the breakdown.

Also as someone pointed out on gaf - "Adreno 420-based AMD GPU" - Loool because anyone who know mobile vendors will know that's a Qualcomm gpu chip.

"SDHC “Holographic Enhanced” Card Slot up to 128 Gigabyte Limit" - This is still a concept yet alone a product to be in a consumer device anytime soon.

Looks like a mistermediax nintendo equivalent

Madock2708d ago

I'm no DDR4 expert but it might take it with the right speed spec, correct me if i'm wrong
It's the pulse sensor that's makin me feel this might actually hve some truth to it, only Nintendo wld come up with such thing & insist on it lol

ProjectVulcan2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Glad you said you were no DDR4 expert. I'm not either but I know for a fact that DDR4 cannot support this GPU performance.

Try scrolling down, to the DDR3 and DDR4 bandwidth comparison graph at the top of the third page.

Incredibly fast, incredibly expensive DDR4 3200 (this is the fastest, highest spec DDR4 available anytime this year) still only provides 51GB/s memory bandwidth on a 128 bit memory bus.

The design of the R9 290X calls for a 512 bit bus- 4 x 128bit then.

Even with the fastest, most expensive, incredibly rare and top end DDR4 memory, then thats barely in excess of 200GB/s for the whole system.

As I point out in my first comment, the R9 290x has 320GB/s ALONE. Even the far far slower R9 280 has 240GB/s.

DDR4 is simply not fast enough for the graphics core touted.

Why would you even use a memory that is slower, in smaller modules and actually more expensive than GDDR5? It makes NO sense whatsoever.

indyman77772708d ago

@vulcanproject this whole article is talking about how much more bandwidth you get PER VOLT! It is not about performance compared to other memory, it is talking about how much more performance for the amount of electricity your spending.

ProjectVulcan2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

No, it isn't indyman. It's about the advantages of DDR4, which includes power consumption (lower voltage).

You just didn't read. I directed you to the PRECISE relevant bandwidth performance comparison graph at the top of the third page. The large graph directly below "Lower power memory consumption with higher capacity and performance"

That graph is the total bandwidth of different memory types/speeds, based on a 128 bit bus. It compares only their bandwidth, not their voltage.

You'll see that DDR4 2666mhz on a 128 bit bus offers 42.7GB/s of bandwidth. Amazingly if you can do maths, thats exactly twice the bandwidth of DDR3 1333mhz on the same graph. Who knew twice the speed meant twice the bandwidth!!! Amazing right?

But I guess you didn't read that either for goodness sake!

Sometimes I wonder why I bother here.....

ABizzel12708d ago

This is completely fake. LMAO

These are basically the specs. and idea I've been putting out there for what Nintendo should do with their next console.

Hopefully the real thing is somewhere in this ballpark, but this is completely fake. The "RUMORED GPGPU" shading units are taken directly from the AMD R9 290X "2816", but the TFLOP performance is taken directly from the R9 290 which wouldn't be the case as it should actually be 4,506 TFLOPS / 5069 TFLOPS since they'd under-clock the GPU by 10% / 20%.

The R9 290X is a $600 GPU and out of the question and even if they go with an R9 290 ($500 GPU) and go INSANELY cheap in every other part that new console would cost $600+ in 2014 - 2015 even after console manufacturers normal 30% - 40% off (which Nintendo is extremely unlikely to get that high of a percentage off if they drop the Wii U that soon). Nintendo can't sell a $300 console how are they going to sell a $600 console. On top of that the R9 290's use a minimum of 300W for the GPU alone, you can't safely squeeze that into a small console box without proper cooling, which is why higher end Steam Machines only use INTEL and NVIDIA who both have cooler running hardware. FAKE.

The only way this is remotely real is if this console doesn't come out until my expected release date of 2018 for the next Nintendo system where it can reach a solid $300 - $400 launch price (again depending on where they skip out). The RAM set up makes little sense 4GB DDR4, 2GB DDR3. The purpose of DDR4 is to provide better speeds while maintaining low latency which would make it a low-end GDDR5 + High-end DDR3 hybrid. What's the point of adding older weaker, and slower DDR3 RAM, and even worse at the same horrible bandwidth that's in the Wii U now. FAKE

The Fusion concept (not name) is exactly what I've been saying NIntendo needs to do with the Wii U, or if they decide to aim for a low-end $199 - $299 next-gen consoles (around XBO - PS4 level) in 2016. Make a new Wii U gamepad that has a port for DS / 3DS / and the future 4DS game cartridges that can allow you to play your handheld games at home on your TV. While it might not be a big seller it will gain some fans, and it would be great for 4DS games (which should actually have decent graphics) to upscale into 1080p on your HDTV (3DS / DS games not so much). If at all possible it would be cool if the next Wii U gamepad was actually a tablet, and you can take some of your content with you on the go (better battery life and sleeker design please). The screen is big enough, and wide enough to still play your DS games (side by side; instead of top and bottom), and actual game controls would make this a solid option. The actual console would be nothing, but a hub to store and power all your content. Aka the "Fusion" idea.

But as I said this is FAKE at least for now. Basing a console off a R9 290 isn't happening anything soon, until they can get the power consumption down, and more importantly for Nintendo the price down which won't happen until closer to 2018.

DeadlyFire2708d ago

I agree 100%. Although with APUs from NVIDIA and AMD rising up over the next 5 years we could very well see 4-5 Tflops by 2020 with 100W TDP at an affordable price.

Spec numbers could be real aims for Nintendo honestly, but I am very doubtful about these specifics that are mentioned in the article. Not before 2018 at all. Most likely closer to 2020.

Dehnus2708d ago

How are they playing a dangerous game? For developing a next console just like Sony and MS are doing? It will be at least 4 more years before that thing launches.

yellowgerbil2708d ago

Every system starts working on the next shortly after the launch of the current. Do you think they just fire their workforce after launching a system, no they start planning their next move.
I'm sure both Sony and MS are already entering the stage of accessing their mistakes and looking to what they think the landscape will be in 5 years and are tossing around some ideas so that in 1 year they can start early stages of designing.
It has nothing to do with the success or not of the current system, it is about looking forward. The fact that they are starting some work on their next system is a good sign, it means the WiiU isn't Nintendo's Dreamcast and they aren't throwing in the towel.

filchron2706d ago

but if the WiiU was or if their new console is ANYWHERE near as forward thinking as the SEGA Dreamcast then i'll be lined up day one. i just beat code veronica on a 1080p plasma in VGA mode and it still looks amazing! better than first gen xbox360 titles like the outfit and BF:MC. it had graphics and high-res capabilities that look AS good as the HD remakes of games today and that was 15 years ago! i still really cant stomach n64 games when i play them now (except for the classics) and i can forget even touching a PS1 at this point in time. need i mention they were the first console manufacturer with an online service and web-browser (that was even faster than my 56k browser on my computer at the time) AND the first company to make the H.U.D. IN THE CONTROLLER! (the VMU). All this and it STILL launched for the EXACT SAME PRICE as the N64 only 3 yrs later. nintendo wont do this, they dont have the guts. i'd like to see them prove me wrong though and come out with a console with AMAZING graphics and a mature zelda title in 4K or glasses free 3D at 1080p res per eye(look up Dolby's and ultra-D's glasses free displays on youtube)the cynics should check out the zelda spaceworld GC tech demo from 2000 if they think a mature zelda title cant be done by nintendo.

Evilsnuggle2708d ago

I think Nintendo make trash game consoles. But the spec sheet on this are a beast I would buy this console in a minute if it does come out.

Yodagamer2708d ago

Meh this happened last gen with the wii and ds, it seemed for a good solid two years next gen nintendo systems popped up everywhere.

Edsword2708d ago

I feel as if this is bull. Not even a week after Nintendo downgrades it's forecast for Wii U, specs mysteriously leak and Nintnedo is building a power house capable of putting the PS4 and XB1 to shame if you combined their power. This is not going happen. Nintendo has some hard choices to make, but releasing a new system and letting one fail is not a good choice. Parents (since the Wii U is mostly bought for kids) will not take kindly to another Nintendo system if this happened.

SynGamer2708d ago

Unless Nintendo has a trade-in program for Wii U --> New Console, they will royally piss off their fans (and be a laughing joke in the industry).

Plagasx2708d ago

To be honest, who really cares. Nintendo needs a real next gen system to compete with PS4 and X1.

Rottenspacehead2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I dont think Nintendo cares about that when the system has only sold a a few units..

And the few hardcore fans that gets upset, they will buy the new one also.

Its a win-win situation for Nintendo if they release a new console within 2 years time, as long as the new console is ALOT better and modern.

AndrewLB2708d ago

Vulcan- Keep in mind that "$500 gpu" wont cost anywhere near that in two years. The way AMD video cards depreciate, i'd expect the 290x to cost $150-175 in two years. Two years ago the HD7870 was in the $400 range and now when they're on sale you can find one for $150.

ABizzel12708d ago

In 2016 it's still going to be a $200+ GPU in the next 2 years, and for Nintendo to sell that console at a profit they're going to have to get 40% off consumer pricing (which consoles usually get), make some serious cutbacks to other parts of the hardware (CPU, RAM, HDD, Disc Drive, etc...), and sell it for $400.

The problem with that is then they're selling a powerful, but $400 console compared to the PS4 and XBO who can both be at $250 by then. The PS and XBO will have majority market share, which means they'll still have the problem of poor 3rd party support. They're not going to get the maximum discount on the hardware, because they'll either have defaulted on their Wii U production expectations or simply didn't sell enough Wii U's for a manufacturer to back them with the confidence of getting a good enough profit back.

AMD is looking at the Wii U, and probably aren't too sure about rushing to invest in the next Nintendo console, even if they need it. If they do, Nintendo isn't getting 40% off hardware, and might struggle getting 20% off without some serious convincing or wagering.

So again if the Wii U2 does come in 2016, it would be best for Nintendo to build a low-end console right on par with the XBO/PS4, keep that console out for 4 - 6 years, and launch their new console in 2020 - 2022. Nintendo can't compete with PS and XBox for the core gamer, so they need to find their niche.

krubele142708d ago

Every nintendo console get 5-6 years this new machine wont launch tell 2017-2018