Things learned from the GoW2 gameplay video

X3F writes:

"Okay, we've had some time to collect ourselves after watching the new Gears of War 2 gameplay video (hyperventilation FTL) and decided to analyze the crap out of it. Posted after the break, we compiled a rather complete list of new GoW2 facts, tidbits and information we discovered after giving the latest video a good watching analysis. And wouldn't you know, we actually learned a lot! Click towards the break to view our list and feel free to comment telling us if we missed something. We have a feeling we're going to love chainsaw duels..."

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alexM3816d ago



they should rename GEARS2 as GAME with 0 AI....BRUMACK doesnt respond after being hit!!!!

the graphics look crap vs UNCHARTED

so not to even mention KZ2

Breakfast3816d ago

The Greatest ever. I hope you know that.

JVIDICAN3816d ago

im pretty sure everyone you wanted to read that read it in one of the other 50 posts you made =P

power of Green 3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

twat. Just like Harry.

Breakfast3816d ago


Your second greatest.

JVIDICAN3816d ago

and once again what with calling harry a fanboy. for as long as ive been here ive never seen him write anything that can be considered as offensive to any "normal" person

iceice1233816d ago

You have made it painfully obvious now that it is you posting those comments. You have no life, as you prove on here each and every day, so it is now obvious you troll other sites pretending to be pro 360 fans. It is your last ditch effort really, we all know you have nothing left, 360 has pretty much got this gen in the bag and you can't handle it. I suggest you get therapy, or kill yourself. Either on is fine by me, or anyone I am sure.

polow got sol3816d ago

How are you always manageing to post first about every 360 topic?? Jesus christ man YOU HAVE NO LIFE AND I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR PARENTS. But this post wont effect you in any way because you have no shame or dignity what so ever, just sad.

CallOfWar223815d ago

Hes usually at the top five of comments for every discussion. Get an Xbox man. I promise you, u will play your system a hell of a lot more. I know you aint got no games. I've already played Warhawk, Uncharted, Resistance so I can seriously feel your pain. I wouldn't play those games again if you bought them for me and paid me to. You Phony Fanboys are just amazing to shoot down an instant classic. Just look at the reviews for Gears 2 and Killzone 2. Look at the sales. I bet you Gears 2 will out perform Killzone 2 in sales and reviews. Graphics, maybe not cuz Killzone 2 has been in production almost 4 years longer than gears 2.

zapass3815d ago

it's showdown time and we have a KO at the 1st round!
not even much of a fight, sorry xbottox you are owned and there's no escaping this time. it's not even the same league.

to be honest, I thought EPIC would come up with something, at least 1 good punch, but no.... nothing... it's UNREAL!

you guys put up with getting served more of the exact same crap with a 2.0 logo on it... LOL!

Montrealien3815d ago

Fanboys! You are the worst thing in gaming. The shameful little secret we pretend does not exist when outside of our homes and in real life. Your reasons for posting and coming to sites like these are simply to crap on anything you don't like. Think you are gamers? far from it! Never will be, never have been.

Coming to a Gears of War 2 news bit simply to comment that your Killzone 2 game will be better instead of embracing these two amazing games and recognizing that they both have their positives and negatives proves just how much you fail as a gamer, and at life in General. Get a life, or get a job and buy these two amazing consoles that will offer amazing games for the next couple of years.

And to all the fake PS3 fanboy accounts, pls, for the love of gaming, put you PSN's in your profile or stop putting me on ignore simply for asking for it. I'm starting to think most of you are frustrated little kids with parents that don't have the money to buy you the consoles of choice and simply come here to feel a sad sad sad way.

P.S. This game will be amazing! Can't wait,! Iloved the first one, It was my reason for buying a 360. This one looks amazing, And I'm buying Killzone 2 the day it comes out. If ever it comes out at all ;D

zapass3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Non-fanboy! you're the most boooooring gamer on this site!
you're so naive to think for 1 sec that this industry would thrive w/o fanboys wars... it's the fuel, baby, it's not pretty but it's real, and can be a lot of fun.

So gimme a break with yer "all systems are good" or "I'm above fanboys cuz I own all consoles"! It's the OpenZone and we're at war here.
There is no geneva convention, no prisoners, no making nice!

If your highness can't shake that political correctness for a sec, then go back to the Gamer Zone where moderation rulez everybody plays nice and bad fanboys won't break your heart.

Montrealien3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Fanboys = 2% of the total market in this industry and i'm being generous. Remember that fanboy scum! And yes! I am above fanboys because
I own all consoles. At least two current gen consoles above them for that matter.

Repeat what I just said, at least five time while looking at a mirror and maybe, just maybe, one day you will be a gamer.

note: this comment is directed at people who act up forums, comments sections and the internet in general with negative stupid, without reason, judgments about other consoles that they don't like or own. If you come here for good discussions and generally get annoyed by fanboy banter that has been more and more popular these days then remember I am on your side. In the end, if a fanboy can be extreme and retarded in this place against a console of choice, I choose to be extreme and retarded against the Fanboy mentality in general.

poopface13815d ago

I bet you cant wait till NEXT YEAR to play you craptastic KZ2. the first one sucked and the second one probaly wont be anything special, but you obviously dont know much about games do you.

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Algullaf3816d ago

xD Lolz guys i checked if my pc can run gears lol its more then the recomended :) i have a cheap 2.2 core 2 due and 8400 GS What a shame it takes 100% 360 power what a piece of sh!t and guest what my pc never overheat even if i 1 year playing this ugly game this best 360 explosive what a shame

sak5003816d ago

Droid force alert. 360 exclusive game post and these are coming out of the woodworks.

As far as kz2 video, it looks good but the gameplay was so clunky and AI (both team8s and enemies) were sitting like retards. The explosions looked like been designed on amiga500.

Now back to Gears2. Well its impressive but did not give the wow factor as previous one as it almost looks the same which is not a bad thing. Now only if they show non-rail gameplay with open environments and more enemies. I hope the corpses have weight and do not move like helium filled bags when u kick them.

thereapersson3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Let's face it, fanboys like to attack any console exclusive game, regardless of what system it's on. Jump off your self-righteous fanboy high horse and quit the hypocrisy.

edit @ disagreers: oh, so I guess 360 fanboys don't troll the PS3 section then? My mistake!


Montrealien3815d ago

Justifying this madness does not help.

599 US Dollars3816d ago