GameTrailers: Gears of War 2 Comparison of War

GT writes: "We put both gears under the microscope to see what's upgraded, and what's the same."

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Condoleezza Rice5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

The graphics haven't seen a big improvement(They looked awesome in GeOW 1 so I really didn't expect them to look uber realistic this time around),the lighting has been improved though,you can def' see more detail in the Lancer

edit:I just noticed the blood looks to be slightly lighter and toned down in GeOW2,bummer :(

sonarus5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

Well Gears 2 looks better but marginally so. About as marginal as usual sequel is on most consoles. Sort of like how GodOW2 looked better than GodOW 1.

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JokesOnYou5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

the colors, the textures, but YOU guys say the game hasn't improved much? ha ha Are you guys serious? Look at the comparison, the game looks awesome, so why do sony loyalists make sure they jump on Gears threads so quickly to downplay the game?.... oh wait nevermind, silly question, this is the alternate reality known as n4g.


sonarus5913d ago

Yea. Its hard to top gears 1 visually

Tmac5913d ago

@ JokesOnYou

You really need to calm down, let's not forget the amount of hype that was coming with this in-game trailer. I have to admit I was expecting a lot more from the graphics department, comparing this to Killzone 2 (it's inevitable) Gears of War 2 did not deliver the graphics to rival KZ2.

Gears of War 2 will certainly, no doubt in my mind set the bench mark for graphics and game play on the Xbox 360, but that's where it stops.

justgamez5913d ago

That was not a good video comparison. I am playing Gears right now in the background and they made it look darker and a little muted in this comparison. There is no doubt the game has seen some visuals upgrades but they are minor. That isn't a bad thing considering how excellent the original is but let's not make it out to be more then it actually is.

This generation of gaming suffers severely from over hyped product that usually never lives up to the hype. I hope Gears 2 breaks this streak. The original was plagued with glitches and frame drops when playing online. Epic created a lot of patches but they usually fixed some problems and added new ones. I hope that same doesn't hold true for this one because the dueling chainsaws have me squirming in fear of a whole new set of glitches. Since a lot of the glitches in the original were based around the chainsaw.

This game definitely looks like they added some nice detail, a little punch in the color palette, some new animations and gameplay elements, but OMG mind blowing visual new never before seen eyegasm it's not.

Condoleezza Rice5913d ago

WHY is it that whenever a person differs in opinion and states a truth,he/she is automatically a Sony loyalist?

Downplay the game?Are you SERIOUS?lol,if you knew how much I love this game,you wouldn't utter such a comment.

Here are the things I immediately noticed in GeOW 2:Lighting has improved,Framerate looks to be silky smooth(still at 30FPS though),you can now fight against the Brumack,and finally;The graphics look very much like GeOW 1.Now is this a bloody bad thing?Heck no,as GeOW 1 STILL outdoes the majority of Xbox 360 games when it comes to the graphics department.

Anyways,I didn't fall in love with GeOW 1 because of the damn graphics;It was the gameplay.So before you start pointing the 'Sony loyalist' finger at people,take a step back and look at what you're doing

steck675913d ago

Not really a HUGE improvement but it did improve in some spots. They still got about 6 months to improve the rest of the stuff, so im sure it will look better by then.

chaosatom3335912d ago (Edited 5912d ago )

i think it is fair to compare it to god of war series.

God of war 1 was awesome and God of war 2 is equally awesome, but with bigger more epic setting with some cool moves.

I don't think it will bring more audience than it already has, but will certainly satisfy the audience it has.

I mean come on, they got only two years and to think that they will surpass graphics set by Killzone 2 or uncharted is unrealsitic.

An overall improvements in all region is better game, then becoming a graphics whore.

Kami5912d ago

there is a minimal difference between them, i think UT3 looked better(360) but still looks good, so por favor! stop posting $hit my fanfriends.

prowiew5912d ago

I still think gears 1 is the best 360 game, but somehow im not that hype for the sequel. weird.

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alexM5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )





they should rename GEARS2 as GAME with 0 AI....BRUMACK doesnt respond after being hit!!!!

the graphics look crap vs UNCHARTED

so not to even mention KZ2

Daz5913d ago

YOU are one sad person. hope you die or get shoot be good for you.

Kazuo Hirai5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

This new trailer is nothing but Donkey vomit,Killzone 2 makes this game look like a Gameboy Advance title

power of Green 5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

You keep showing that pic of that gun when KillZone's charactor models and textures are inferior lol. Both games are not finished and we all know developemnt on the 360 can speed along.

alexM5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

a single character in KZ2 eg the GUN has more poly/textures than an entirer scene in GEARS2.

It doesnt even look as good as UNCHARTED .

How would it challenge KZ2?

MART aka POG you have 10 accounts here

Others MART and POG are the same person




power of Green 5913d ago

Don't make a new account when you hit one bubble please.

PlayStation3605913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

I can't agree with you about KillZone's charactor models and textures being inferior. I mean even you said in the same comment Both games are not finished. And Kill is at an advantage being this great looking and still having 3+ months more time to develop than Gears2.

However, I also can't agree with my PS3 bros. Gears2 still looks beautiful. And you best believe I'm getting it come November (Limited Edition). I mean sure, I am one of the dudes who sees Kill2 being the better looking at the moment. And I wait in cruel anticipation for that game. Absolutely. But that does not take away the fact that Gears is still one hell of a game to see/play.

No need to argue which is better looking. Both look dope as hell. And I bet both will sell like crazy.

Hell, instead of arguing like this, we need to hope ol' Jack"ass" Thompson won't try to go after Gears2/Killz2. :(

power of Green 5913d ago

He doctored the 360 gow 2 pic by making it blurry and used a CGI pic of killzone lol.

PlayStation3605913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

I don't know bro. They showed hands-on gameplay of K2. And it looked just like that when they played it. Hell yeah it looks like CGI. That's why everyone is so blown away.

Hell, people refuse to believe its gameplay. That's how crazy it looks. So when it's released, and the possibility for even better graphics, and when people know it's real. People are gonna be even more awe struck. I can't wait dude.

And as for the blurry G2 pic. You ain't gotta convince me bro. I know it looks dope. Already got it reserved :).

power of Green 5913d ago

I'v seen the KZ2 gameplay this isn't a KZ2 thread. KZ2 has the main charactor very detailed thats it!, the rest of the game doesn't messure up. no more killzone man I'll join you in killzone threads.

Tmac5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

Power of green, you really do seem delusional, almost every one has admitted that Killzone 2 has the best graphics to date, except for yourself and some of the other Xbox fanatics.

The fact is everyone is praising Killzone 2 because it DOES look like CGI, that's how impressive it is.

Blademask5913d ago

That CGI pic is killzone2's gameplay. The link that Kaz made.

Yes, the 360 uses such advanced textures that it looks exactly like the first one. Give me a break

Killzone's characters are higher resolution, as well as their texturemaps. 2k maps are used J U S T for the faces normal maps,diffiuse maps,bump maps, spec/reflection maps.

Please don't pretend that the UNREAL engine which is KNOWN for shortcuts with geometry using normal maps to show detail all of a sudden is capable.