EA Takes Out $1 Billion Loan To Acquire Take Two

Electronic Arts has taken out a $1 billion load from Morgan Stanley and lenders to help pay for its acquisition of Take Two, should it ever happen. The figure was revealed in recently released SEC filings.

According to EA VP of communications Jeff Brown, "There's no news here. This is just a process point on something we announced in February."

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Electronic Arts4470d ago

Please accept it!

I'm getting desperate!

4470d ago
pwnmaster30004470d ago

its ok that guy is just a hater and take stuff to seriously i still thought it was funny

permutated4468d ago

So my comment got deleted, but the fake, lame ass EA guy above me doesn't get banned?

N4G sucks balls.

Ovidius4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

I was tempted to do something like that, since I was bored. It was a friday night much like this one. No date, and my PS3 was all the way on the other side of the room!! Still, I don't think that you should get THAT mad over the alternate account thing. However, it was funny at first, but now it is getting annoying.

Anyway, I really hope EA doesn't get T2. But if they do, will R* still be part of T2, err.. EA in this case? Will R* be able to leave after the deal with T2 is over?

va_bank4470d ago

R* contract with Take 2 expires in February. Unless EA offers R* what they want, R* will find another publisher. The bad news - Take 2 (not R*) owns the rights to GTA, Midnight Club, Red Dead Revolver, Bully etc., so EA will get to keep the names and outsource game development to India, resulting in typical EA games.

ASSASSYN 36o4470d ago

Hostile takeovers of a game company is like taking off the wheels on a car and attempting to drive it. If EvilA gets taketwo. The employees will bail. The talent that made and sustained the company will vacate like rats on a sinking ship.

Real gamer 4 life4470d ago

Why is EA so desperately want take 2? Is it because of the grantheft auto franchise? Why dont they just leave it alone. All they going todo is mess up the game.

The Closing4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

What's there to mess up that isn't already broken? As it stands:Broken combat? Check! Broken Cover system? Check! Broken driving? Check! Broken shooting system? Check! Repetitive 7 year old scripted missions? Check!

permutated4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

Real gamer, how old are you, Four? Five? Your spelling is awful.

Also, GTA4 couldn't have been worse, so I'm not sure what more they could have possibly messed up under EA's rule.

Hagaf224470d ago

its not rockstar and gta they are after is the 2k sports series, they want to get rid of the sports competition, gta is just a bonus, but rockstar will separate from take 2 prior to a take over.

va_bank4470d ago

$500,000,000 in sales the first week? Check.

This is not about gaming it's about money. They couldn't care if it was a Dora The Explorer game, as long as it made that money.

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