Logitech Dinovo Mini for PS3 Review

Sev1512 writes:
We all know using the PS3 on screen keyboard to type, can be very tedious. So tedious, that I have had people whom I've sent a PSN message to, reply via email, just so they could just type on their computer.

I didnt really want a huge full-sized keyboard and mouse setup, as I game from the comfort of my couch. I dont have the space for it and its inconvenient.

There is a thumbpad accessory for the PS3. But many have reported that it was a waste of money, even some people claiming it couldnt even connect to the PS3.

So what is a PS3 owner to do to be able to type with ease? The answer? Logitech Dinovo Mini.

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PoSTedUP3814d ago

defiantly got to get this. theirs nothing like laying in bet wile on the computer. i dont mind the controller but this would be uesful

Kleptic3814d ago

I liked it until i saw the price...

I have the PS3 logitech mediaboard Pro...its great, but its full sized...has a thumb pad though, which makes it nice not needing a seperate mouse...

I'll just stick with that I guess...

Sev3814d ago

Actually, it doesnt need the dongle at all. Its bluetooth. I just used the dongle as an example of how not to have to re-pair your PS3 again.

kapedkrusader3813d ago that case, I'm interested again.

Tmac3813d ago

Good review Sev, although the actual peripheral is too expensive for my taste.

Sev3813d ago

Thanks for the compliment. The look and the style really makes up for the price. When people see it they are instantly impressed.

Maybe I am just that show off type of guy

Farsendor13813d ago

using a usb keyboard is fater and since that's already what i have for my pc i can just disconnect it anytime and use it with my ps3.

cokzilla233813d ago

i've been contemplating on buying a wireless keyboard but i think i might look into this logitech mini. the $150 price tag ain't no joke though.

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The story is too old to be commented.