Four new SOCOM: Confrontation screenshots

Today, four new screenshots of SOCOM: Confrontation, which is set to be released in september on PlayStation 3, appeared. The shots show two interior settings and an alleyway with some soldiers in it.

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Fishy Fingers3813d ago

I must admit, I was first quite harsh on Socom's visuals (and paid for that with the torrent of hate thrown at me lol), but each time a new batch of screens is released they seem to be getting better and better.

This is most defiantly a Gameplay over Graphics title anyhoo, but in this day and age its the visuals that get the scrutiny first.

PirateThom3813d ago

When you consider it's a download only title, I think the graphics stand up pretty well.

I mean, there's some exceptions to the download rule (Wipeout HD, Rez, Ikaruga...), but SOCOM definitely goes above and beyond the standard for a download.

Amanosenpai3813d ago

Maybe ill just drop Warhawk and COD4 after getting SOCOM...

Just maybe, need a try (i <3 warhawk)

sonarus3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Whoa some of those screens look crazy ugly. I hope it looks better in motion or they improve.

The environments look solid but they really need to polish up the characters.

This will be my first socom game and i am really looking forward to playing this. Gameplay looks very solid

Panthers3812d ago

First Socom game?

Well it wont be easy if this game is anything like Socom 1/2 (which it should be) There is a very large learning curve, and that is the way it needs to me. I dont want a game that caters to noobs/scrubs. Socom has always been about skill.

Ya that pic aint too hot, but this game will be the best thing out this generation when it launches.

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Britjadg3813d ago

your right that the visuals are getting better and while i agree this is a gameplay title not a visual title, IMO it still has a lot to do.

Tyetan3813d ago

I think these screenshots look great but they're pulling the same crap that COD4 did with the optics. They have the TRIJICON ACOG on a few of the rifles which is great, the US army uses those. But the reflex sights they're using on some of the weapons are cheap BSA or TASCO Wal-Mart brand optics. I realize a lot of people don't care about that, but it bugs the hell of me. There are way better and cooler looking reflex sights out there. They could use EOTECH, ECLAN, AIMPOINT something!!! I shouldn't complain though, it could be just a pre-alpha thing and they're just using place holders for now, who knows. Other than that I am extremely pleased with the look of this game thus far.

Kyur4ThePain3813d ago

No really...HAHA.
That was a pretty pointless little rant.
Are they using Nike combat boots?

Tyetan3813d ago

Immersion is in the details my friend.

Panthers3812d ago

Go to the Socom boards on PSU and you will see these kind of posts all day long

They do get annoying. I dont notice it and as long as the gun sounds and looks real then I am happy.

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ninja_united3813d ago

should be like cod4 or KZ2

FourtyPoundSteak3813d ago

u must have never played socom. that how the crosshair is. Its not a FPS

Socom will shine once released.

Bits-N-Kibbles3812d ago

you know he's never played socom...

SUP3R3813d ago

So when are they gonna apply AA?
That's the only thing it needs visually to me, but if it doesn't have it and the gameplay is good then it's A-OK.

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