No rumble for N64 Virtual Console games

The Rumble Pak was one of the N64's many great innovations, accentuating in-game crashes, bumps and explosions by shaking the controller.

But when N64 games arrive on the Virtual Console retro downloads system on Wii, they'll lack forcefeedback support, Nintendo has confirmed in a Q&A regarding the Virtual Console.

This might be due to the lack of a rumble feature in the Classic Controller, which will be the primary controller for playing Virtual Console games on Wii. But with the option to play VC games with a GameCube controller, which does feature a rumble motor, we had hoped that games would retain their pad-shaking features.

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And just how are we supposed to find those special secret locations in Ocarina of Time? What was it called, something like the "Stone of Pain"?

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I loved playing Starfox and Zelda with rumble.