The Fate Of James Bond: What's Next For 007 In The World Of Video Games?

Ian Fisher writes: Being a fan of Bond in all his forms, that of the films and novels, it was like hearing a beautiful choir upon reading what Bruner said. Again, it’s nothing most of us didn’t already know, but it really does raise the question of why we haven’t received a video game depiction of Bond that’s somewhat more accurate, or at least in-tune, with what’s depicted in the films or even the novels.

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-Foxtrot2508d ago

I think someone should just make their own Spy game by taking elements off James Bond

I think NaughtyDog would be a good developer to do this, Uncharted was basically inspired by Indiana Jones so it would be nice to see how they would do James Bond.

Getting singers to do their own theme song for the game would give the game a bit of a Bond vibe I reckon.

NYC_Gamer2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I wanted Alpha Protocol to be that quality spy rpg but Obsidian failed to deliver

-Foxtrot2508d ago

I know what you mean, the problem is why Alpha Protocol I felt like it could end up falling into what Splinter Cell has now become, if AP had a sequel.

The thing about a James Bond inspired game is that it's got to be like James Bond but not James Bond if you get what I you make the game as a sort of nod to the James Bond franchise and other Spy films to make it obvious that's what your game is inspired from like what ND did for Uncharted.

I mean if ND did do a Bond like game then I would want to see the character as an Agent in MI6, London as it's setting, Gadgets, beautiful women with good development under them (maybe a new female main character for each game like a Bond girl) and as I've said above a theme song.

Imagine getting up to the third/forth game in the future and all they need to announce the game is the singer (whoever they get) to sing the theme song live at the VGA's or something with the logo of the game (plus it's title) at the end. It would be epic.

Kurisu2508d ago

Maybe R* games Agent (if it even still exists) will be a spy game.

They're being Top Secret enough.

imtheman20132508d ago

Kojima sort of did this with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The intro, coupled with the title song, "Snake Eater," really had a James Bond feel. This feeling was only strengthened by the fact that Snake was a kind of spy in enemy territory, which is what James Bond does for a living. That entire game had a really cinematic feel, epic characters, and a strong plot. Besides games with 'Bond' in the name, Snake Eater is probably the closest I've felt to having something that resembles a 007 movie.

webeblazing2508d ago

no matter what genre or what type of movie that was going to be you answer. anyway the way james bond movies are now i cant picture anyone doing a game unless it stray away from the films. the new films are good in all but action happen in the middle and end. for almost a 3hr movie thats not much action like they use and they took out gadget which sucks.

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iamnsuperman2508d ago

Not making a James bond game. Problem is a James bond game has two things going against it. One it is constrained by the films lineage. They can't introduce a new bond since it would feel right and they can't stray too far away from the films since the films are where we primarily see bond. Secondly a bond game, despite the game not being a movie game, it will always be seen as a movie game. There is a negative image for movie games

thehitman2508d ago

Personally I think the genre was outgrown. Now all shooters must be connected online and people want to play them with others competitively. Jamesbond is more of an arcade shooter and most of the games now developed seemed to have badly developed mutliplayer. People don't really take the time to complete story modes for shooting games and there are only a few titles that people will do it for.

Unless a studio takes on the title and not some 3rd party studio at EA the game will just be mediocre at best. I dont think the films lineage has anything to do with it and has never been hindered by the movie. They just need a good studio to actually work on it, the last good 007 game I played was Nightfire for PS2 loved it to death and played many hours with friends/family on 4p splitscreen. Those were the good days of gaming when you actually sat down with your friends and family to play with each other. Online gaming kind of ruined multiplayer experiences for me.

DeadlyFire2508d ago

Well there could always be a game that locks Multiplayer mode until you finish the Single player element. Publishers fear people wouldn't buy the game unless it had day 1 Multiplayer though.

Online gaming is the lazy way to do multiplayer for developers. They never think about couch co-op with your friends. Some do, but not all.

thehitman2508d ago

I wish they locked multiplayer to people who only beat them lol, but ofc that would never happen. Some people would have a heart attack and go ape shit.

JohnnyTower2508d ago

All they need to do is an exact 180 turn from the newer James Bond movies. They need more gadgets, awesome cars, and a simple story with a charismatic bad guy. It's almost a shame when the movie drags down the video game franchise.

LightSamus2508d ago

Until Activision get their greasy mitts off of the license, don't expect much.

ian862508d ago

Thankfully Activision no longer has the video game rights to the 007 license.

AnEwGuY2508d ago

I'd like to see Ubi takeover the IP, and use the Splinter Cell formula.

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