Modded Fallout: New Vegas Looks Stunning in 1080p Three Years After Launch

EMGN: Just over three years after launch, Fallout: New Vegas still looks stunning with the help of a few complex graphical mods and a powerful PC.

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Pandamobile2515d ago

I love how not a single screenshot on this website is actually 1080p.

b163o12514d ago

Stunning in 720p, maybe if we got some of the HD glasses it'll push it up to 1080p S/

AsheXII2514d ago

Resolution takes backseat to other, more important graphical qualities. Its all about lighting, textures, particles and geometry.

Sony3602514d ago

"New Vegas Looks Stunning in 1080p"

Oh_Yeah2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

And fps, I keep telling them. The same game running at 720p/ 900p @60 fps is going to look waaaay better than that same game running 1080p @30fps. Motion clarity is one of thee most important things IMO, afterall you're not staring at a static image, games are in motion so the more detail you can keep while it's running the better.

Are_The_MaDNess2514d ago

its not that hard to run those mods at 1080p at around 60fps....

Oh_Yeah2514d ago

@Are_the _madness you're missing the point here. I'm just letting the console guys know that even if they don't have the most powerful rig or in the future they have to lower the resolution to achieve 60 fps for some future games it's still going to look better than that game running 1080p @30fps.

Gamer19822514d ago

You can play it looking this good in 1080p though and even push it up to 4k. The best thing is this an old game and this is another 2 reasons to choose PC over nex gen consoles. Backwards compatibility and mods. You won't get Fallout new vegas on Xbox One or PS4 (well maybe PS4 though PS Now but not looking anywhere near this good nor in 1080p.)

GeraltofRivia2514d ago

"Resolution takes a backseat" guess you never played a game beyond 1080p

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Back-to-Back2514d ago

This is like the 8th or 9th article I have saw that talk about fallout mods. Apparently it took the self proclaimed journalists 3 years to experience what everyone already knew.

EMGN-trash website with generic articles.

JasonKCK2514d ago

LOL 1080p mod but the website makes the game look like it does on my PC now.

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InTheZoneAC2515d ago

was just playing this on my ps3 a couple days ago, not really caring how "good" it looked...

zRude2515d ago

Well... That's is just what you console guys have to get used to. Always graphically inferior games and no mod support.

AnteCash2515d ago

Well it depends how powerfull your pc is, doesn't it?

LoveOfTheGame2515d ago

No, I'm pretty sure all PCs have mod support.

theDivision2514d ago

It just feels natural with a controller... plus if you want to donate me the money for a nice gaming PC I will happily convert. Otherwise I have to stick with my console

frostypants2514d ago

Not always inferior. See: Tomb Raider DE.

DoctorJones2514d ago


Well the price to pay for a copy of TombRaider on pc is far superior.

JsonHenry2514d ago

@Frosty- there is nothing they are doing on the Tomb Raider DE version that can't be done on the PC version. They just need an excuse to charge more so they throw in subsurface light scatter, change a few player/weapon skins, take out Physx support, and say give us $60 you console loving kiddies! (I got it ~6 months after it released on steam sale for like $20)

On topic- any word on what MOD(s) they used in these pictures? I might like to try it out myself. New Vegas in stereoscopic 3D was amazing. It was like it was made for 3D. Would love to play through again with those updated graphics.

Oh_Yeah2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

@thedivision come on now....almost every game that's released on console that's also on pc has controller support. Hook your pc up to your tv, grab yourself a 360 controller and run steam in big picture mode and it's no different than a console, well other than the fact it has mods, customizable settings, free online play, cheaper prices on games, ect. That free online play and cheaper game prices (free games if you really want to go that route lol) will pay itself off and save yourself a lot of money over a console. Plus it does a lot more than a console can.

SavageFlamingo2514d ago

Not everyone cares about graphics. Some people like to just relax and have fun with the gameplay. Just pop the disc in and lay on the couch and relax. I'm a PC guy. But at least I respect other peoples decisions on what they want to play their games on.

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Lon3wolf2515d ago

But you clicked an article to see how good it looked regardless. :)

InTheZoneAC2515d ago

came here for the comments. I see I started it...

And I don't care about mod support. I play a game, get done, move onto the next...but that's just me...

Jovanian 2515d ago

Just because you have low standards for your games inthezone, doesn't mean we have to. I like my games to play good AND look good

KnAzEtHiX2515d ago

im not sure how you get a disagree for your comment???

Lon3wolf2514d ago

But mods can add a lot more than just graphical enhancements but I am sure you are well aware of that, your loss imo. :)

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Perjoss2515d ago

The writing and script for New Vegas is so much better than in Fallout 3, it's just a shame that the game world for New Vegas is not nearly as interesting or well designed as Fallout 3's wasteland and DC.

I remember finally arriving at the casino strip and feeling terribly underwhelmed.

Simco8762515d ago

Bethesda should just buy Obsidian, then that would be your Fallout dream right there.

pandehz2515d ago

Or the greatest bugfest ever?

pandehz2515d ago

Same feeling.

The casino strip was an odd looking thingy with some blocky buildings and few glowinglights.

Fallout 3 is a few 100 percent better designed.

Patrick_pk442514d ago

Bethesda should stick to creating the atmosphere of the game, while Obsidian writes it.

EyePawd2515d ago


Really, I don't think the mods are that much an improvement. Looks like a blur filter and something that kicked the resolution up a tad. It's not like it was a bad looking game, anyways.

Lon3wolf2514d ago

Maybe you rubbed the Vaseline in your eyes this time by mistake?

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