Double Dragon PlayStation Network Screenshots

MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. announced today that Double Dragon is now available on the PlayStation Network starting for $5.99 in the PSone Classics section for PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation Vita and has released some launch screenshots for you to check out.

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maniacmayhem2645d ago

Yeeeow, now that is some old school, SNK like fighting game right here.

Vanfernal2645d ago

This was actually quite a decent game back in the day.But Rage of the Dragons was an awesome game that could hang in there with KOF. It's a shame that the developers could never get the Double Dragon license and make it an official DD game.

VTKC2645d ago

This is news to me. I didn't know that game was on Playstation 1. I always thought it was on Neo Geo and Arcade machines.

2645d ago
nevin12645d ago

I never knew there was a DD game for PS1.

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