Tips to Avoid Frustration with GTA IV

Ok, so you've been reading the hype and GTA is supposedly the best game of all time now. IGN, 1UP and Gamespot have given their highest marks possible. You've been waiting for this game for months…maybe even years. Then, you get home from the store, pop it in, and the excitement reaches climax as the opening scene sets the tone for what will be an awesome story filled with interesting and dynamic characters. Great. Everything is going well.

Then, you start to play the game. You hop in a car, and instantly speed headlong into a dump trunk and are ejected through the front windshield. Or, you embark on a mission to take out some thugs, only to find that you are gunned down by a bunch of posers. Hmm. Next, you have to track down a guy on a motorcycle through 20 city blocks, and he loses you ever time. After failing to catch him 9 times in a row, your controller seems like it would be more fun to use as a mallet to smash your console to bits. Point is, for the uninitiated, GTA IV can be tough. However, there are some tips that can help make your trip through Liberty City a peaceful one, if you considering committing multiple homicides peaceful. Maybe not, but it's more rewarding than receiving a text message asking to "try again" or ending up busted and losing all your guns.

Here are some tips to help you survive on the mean streets of Liberty City:

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Genesis53818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Yeah I hit the point of the one try mission early. Now it takes a few tries that's for sure. That blow your cover mission to open the bridge to downtown was fun. Or the get the cop car one and chase buddy all over gods green earth for Brucie. Perseverance and patients and a lot of cussing will get you through.

kapedkrusader3818d ago

...was it truly necessary?

Genesis53818d ago

Oops! Sorry about that. Guess I wasn't thinking. Well I won't do that again.

gogators3818d ago

really pissed me off. There have been a few others, but that one wasn't fun at all. If I had only known that all you need to do was follow him to end of his chase pattern.

PoSTedUP3818d ago

im dating this 1 chick off the internet. i dont know if ill be dating kiki.

SUP3R3817d ago

You should.
Her 100% perk comes in EXTREMELY handy.

pp3818d ago

1. don't buy ps3 version of gta4 unless you like problems.freezing.and no permanent fix coming the xbox360 version has not one single problem

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