5 Games you should introduce your kids to

MWEB GameZone writer Zubayr Bhyat collects and talks about some games you should introduce your children to. There are some interesting surprises here, you should really take a look.

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HanCilliers1741d ago

Great choices. Being able to game with your kids from a young age has so many positive aspects to it.

You can teach them abt online conduct
Introduce them to gaming
Increase their cognitive abilities in a fun way
Great activity and fun for parent and child

DesVader1741d ago

Gaming that is used to re-inforce good behaviours = win. You can give your kids a good time with gaming without having to resort to the vioulent ones. Respect those ratings.

Choc_Salties1741d ago

Also, turn your child into the crafter, the hauler, the button-masher-when-you-don' ;t-want-to, the extra DPS; the list is endless!

Seriously though, play games with your kids, don't let games replace you, as a parent. I've seen and heard of so many wonderful examples of kids playing with their parents together; one of the best ones was a single mom play Call of Duty 4 with her son, and they were both very good, and made it briefly onto the competitive scene. She contextualised the entire thing from one end to the other, and its a passion they both enjoyed.

miyamoto1741d ago

Any game with out killing enemies will be good for kids.