Four things that will drastically improve Battlefield 4′s multiplayer

Battlefield 4 is the buggiest game that I’ve (Delon at ever played, hands down. In-fact, I can’t remember getting this frustrated with the stability of a game since I Lan’d Medal of Honor: Allied Assault in 2002 on my PC. Funny that EA owns the IP on that now too. Have a look at our list of what needs desperate improvement.

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MarioAna2756d ago

They made a popular game that lots of people enjoy with some awesome features like the battlelog app. But so much of it is broken that it's really frustrating. Why can't I change my load out in the game but when I'm out of multiplayer? Sometimes I'm playing in a match with a friend and the app has him as offline or online but not in a game. I've had crashes, falling through the maps and the game forgetting I had unlocked ant weapons. Come on DICE sort it out!

cyclindk2756d ago

Or adding preset loadouts would be just helpful and a time saver, at least two-three per class.

Of course fixing what's broken or less capable since BF3 for starters.

csreynolds2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I totally agree with this article. I could even go a few further:

5) the ability to form a squad/party with friends BEFORE joining a server
6) the ability to customise loadouts BEFORE joining a multiplayer game (without having to rely entirely on Battlelog - way to force it down our throats DICE)
7) as Commander, the ability to penalise a squad leader who continuously rejects your orders to attack/defend objectives (maybe remove his squad leader status and let another member of the same squad take his place?)

I know this has been said many, many times before, but this game is far from where it should be. Many of the features that worked well in BF3 have been omitted, in most case replaced by the works-when-it-wants-to Battlelog, and DICE has a LOT of fixing to do before I even consider a Premium membership.

princejb1342756d ago

I found bf3 to be better than bf4
Not only is bf4 buggy but I had more fun with bf3 maps
This might be the last bf game I buy. They just have to many bugs and most aren't even fixed

extermin8or2756d ago

Yeah... wtf is up with the total lack of a party syatem it doesn't even acknowledge the PS4 Os party (other than notifying other members you joined a game) I'm going to assume xbox has similar issues.

Mister_Dawg2756d ago Show
AllroundGamer2756d ago

i like how DICE devs are making excuses when they have to talk about the horrible netcode and how it can't be fixed etc. but when i play a F2P fps games like for example Planetside 2 with 100-200 players in one battle area without such nasty issues like in BF4, i'm starting to think DICE programmers should switch to simple flash games...

c4toast2756d ago

bf4 has the worst tickrate in fps i ever see they must be retard or someting....

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