Best Games You’re Not Playing: End of Year Edition

Dualshocker's Jorge Jimenez once again highlights the best games you're not playing for the end of the year.

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safeword3808d ago

Stanley Parable was the best! Iffy on Brothers as it had some really negative things about it.

FRAKISTAN3808d ago

what negative stuff? can you please elaborate

safeword3808d ago

Well the story tries to strike home but fails quite, maybe because we don't get enough time with the characters so the ending was really meh to me. The last boss battle was quite possibly the worst thing about the game. Some of the animations felt very bland.


My Xbox And Me Rwview - Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Remake

Mum's dead, dad’s not too far behind her and it’s left to a couple of brothers to save the day - obviously! Looks like we’re going on an adventure! Brothers, a tale of two sons, is a remake of the original title from Josef Fares - you know, the “F##k the Oscars” guy! The original launched back in 2013 and in the 11 years since then, the original game has become a cult classic!

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Revisiting the Original Before the Remake

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons launched back in 2013, and a remake of the game is set to launch next week. Today, we look back at the original.

115d ago

Does Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Even Need a Remake?

The remake of the beloved indie game seems to go against its original director's vision.

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jznrpg124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

I don’t think so but here it is. I did enjoy it originally I wonder what they changed.

SimpleSlave124d ago

No, and the new graphics are sad. Should've at least kept the original painterly style and just make it with better shaders, effects, lighting, etc.

As it is, this is unnecessary.

SyntheticForm124d ago

Never played it, so I'll be picking this up.

InUrFoxHole124d ago

If its a Sony game you know it's getting a remake... asap

jznrpg124d ago

This was made during the PS3 gen but Sony had nothing to do with making it.

InUrFoxHole124d ago

I know man I'm just throwing out static

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago

I thought this only came out on Xbox and PC at that time.

QuantumMechanic124d ago

I played and finished it on Xbox One.

jznrpg124d ago

It came out generation before though

QuantumMechanic120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Yes, but years later it was re-released in one of those bargain hybrid 360/One cases.

BrainSyphoned124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

It was a one month Xbox 360 exclusive during the 2013 Summer of Arcade.

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