Xbox 360 and PS2 get cheaper PES 2008 - No sign of a cheaper re-issue for PS3

Videogamer reports that Konami has announced that it will be reissuing PES 2008 as a budget title for Xbox 360 and PS2 on May 16.

Originally released in October 2007, new budget reissues will see the Xbox 360 version retailing at the lower price of £24.99 and the PS2 edition dropping to £19.99.

Gamers thinking of picking up the game for PS3 at a cheaper price are out of luck though, with no confirmed price drop. Videogamer is sure it will happen at some point though.

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zimbo0073910d ago

cuz it sells in europe

It is the second most sold NG console in europe after Wii

ARBitrator3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

That is quite the accomplishment, you have managed to join n4g, get ignored by 3 people, Become a contributor, get dropped down to 2 bubbles, and submit 40 plus anti wii/360 comments in just 2 days!

You should run for no-class president. Because you are clearly have no class!

After reading some of you comments, you are clearly one of the Sony-Fanboys that make the others look bad. HONESTLY. you're just a pure hater.

No one would do this to their only login, so tell me, who are you really. AlexM perhaps?

PoSTedUP3910d ago

isnt it a fact thought? i see no hatred here

sonarus3910d ago

Sorry to say but Fifa 2008 > PES 2008. On pure gameplay PES still wins but they are lacking behind heavily. Hopefully they can get their act together. They simply need to expand the PES team and get to optimising their code for both platforms

resistance1003910d ago

I don't agree there, the gameplay of PES is still spot on, sure Fifa has more feature's, but if the core gameplay isn't as good so whats the point.

While fifa is catching up with PES on the gameplay front, its still behind PES.

PoSTedUP3910d ago

i remember when konami was making these games for ps1