Microsoft and 343 Industries Working on Unannounced AAA Halo Game With Online Features


We all know that 343 Industries is working on the new main chapter of the Halo series, but according to a new career opportunity ad seeking a Online and Connected Experience Engineer they may also be working on another one.

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lifeisgamesok3787d ago

Wow. A Halo third person game with rpg elements would be cool or a mmo

Microsoft is bringing the games

TheXgamerLive3786d ago

No he meant not only bringing the games but bringing the most epic games of this gen so far. All you have to do is open your sony goggle eyes.

KratosSaveUs3786d ago

Can you name the games ? All I know is Titanfall,Halo 5,and QB.

maniacmayhem3786d ago

Sunset Overdrive, D4, Fable Legends, not to mention Phil said they are working with a few Japanese devs to bring more Japanese exclusives and there's a hint of an old Rare IP making a return (Battletoads).

Not to mention we still have the Black Tusk game which we know nothing about but know it's out there coming.

ALLWRONG3786d ago

Ouch KratosSaveUs lol Kratos sure didn't save your comment

Nocando3786d ago

Google is your friend.

G20WLY3786d ago

Nocando, thanks for the tip - who knew?!

I used Google and found this, thanks!


JamieL3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

@ G20WLY
Why don't you use Google to compare all the games you can play right NOW on both systems. Half the games on that PS4 list are a joke or are already out anyway, but if it makes you nice, safe, and secure to pull that "security blanket" of stretched opinion over you, whatever. We can also speculate how long before some of those games drop. I remember one of the biggest games that hyped me up for the PS3 was TLG, how was that one? It was listed on fanboy list, every year since before the PS3 came out, used as ammo for the superiority of PS3 EXCLUSIVES!!! Well it missed that window, but maybe sometime in the PS4's future huh? I would like to compare that bloated list to what actually comes out in the next 5 years.

BallsEye3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Project Spark (also sponsored by MS) is all I need. Gonna re-create all my old faves in there! Kinect motion capture ftw! Can't wait for february xbox one beta!!

G20WLY3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

^Jamie, I didn't look at games already out, because I was responding to other commenters who were talking about upcoming games.

I hope that helps you understand.

Thank you, though, your desperate little rant was delicious and sooo cute! ;P

JamieL3785d ago

@ G20WLY
Well I'm glad I could feed your starving a$$. You seem good at sucking down every little thing you're feed by Sony anyway. All I did was state a few fact about history in response to your "witty" comment. You can't think of a better comeback, and have to say I look desperate without being able to logically back up your own argument, then start whatever that, "attack" was. I say "attack" because I don't know what else to call it. It was so fluffy pink it made me want to puke in my mouth.

G20WLY3785d ago

^I did respond logically, the only thing I ignored in your post was all the fluff about TLG, as it's a worthless tangent.

There are 120+ games in development for PS4 at this time. Fact. I have no idea how that compares to XBone. Another fact. Enlighten me.

As for puking in your mouth - how else you gonna do it?! Mind you, if someone can talk crap, it's anyone's guess what else they can do... ;P

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ic3fir33786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

nop, its a free to play halo game, its 90% confirmded

come_bom3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Hummm... another MMO! I guess it's good for fans, but personally, I'm not too keen on MMO's.

GraveLord3786d ago

You should probably wait until they actually bring them before making that statement lmfao.

Anyway this is bad news. Halo seems to finally be getting yearly releases if this rumor is true.

This is the opposite of what people want. People don't want more Halo, they want "the next Halo" if you get what I mean. A new IP. Something new and fresh. Like Destiny.

QuantumWake3786d ago

Nah, us Halo fans want more Halo. We're still trying to recover from Halo 4's disaster of multiplayer. We thought H4 was going to save us from Halo: Reach with all that bloom, sprint, and armor abilities (Halo: Reach got better with NBNS).

We want a true-skill ranking system that's visible in-game (not that CSR crap), no armor abilities, no ordinances, better maps, and no sprint. There was nothing to play for in H4 and Reach when in the end everyone was a winner. In Halo 2 and Halo 3 you had to play to win for your rank. You lose, and your ranks goes bye-bye. When you ranked up in H2/H3 it literally felt like the biggest accomplishment ever.

Of course this can't be help if they are releasing a Halo every two years. They need to take their time and get the online right. By first listening to the community. If you've seen Halo 4's population online, it's almost a damn wasteland.

Okay, I'm done ranting. *takes a breather*

sak5003786d ago


So you want more infamous / Unchartered / Killzone, LBP / GT for PS4 yet big brand making game like Halo shouldn't come to new gen as continuation like from XBox to Xbox360 ?

I would like to see all my fav games on new gen utilizing the full power of Xb1, games like PGR, Mass Effect, PDZ, Halo etc

Blachek3786d ago

I really enjoyed the first 2 halos, didn't get into any beyond that.

Halo is the perfect example of an amazing IP that if treated right could do wonders for Microsoft. It would do well with a few years on the shelf and being revisited down the line when dev's a more competent with this new generation.

christocolus3786d ago


Damn...that would be awesome. The art work they released earlier actually had the look and feel an open world game.i imagine master chief being a bounty hunter with a mini space shuttle embarking on missions ,flying across planets ,meeting new enemy races and all..awesome.lol. phil also needs to give us more hints regarding the secret projects which rare,lionhead, mgs osaka,black tusk and the other guys are working on.

CELLA3786d ago

i heard of this 2 months oh go now its true mmorpg game

malokevi3786d ago

Awesome, more Halo is always welcome in my books. I don't see any reason to think it's an MMO, but I think that would be a great direction to take the series.

MMOFPS Halo would be like a dream come true.

Nocando3786d ago Show
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medman3786d ago

Much like Bungie, many have moved on from Halo and are looking for our Destiny. Those are the facts.

corvusmd3786d ago

You know you're right (XGamer too) when you get bombarded by Sony trolls that have nothing better to do than try to suck the joy out of every XB1 owner. The truth is hard to accept for some, so rather then open their eyes and look at the facts, they'd rather try and blind you...that way they don't have to admit they were wrong.