Bourne Conspiracy Demo AVAILABLE on Australian PSN Store ONLY

Its just gone Live. 1.5GB Download.

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Dlacy13g3910d ago

Played the demo via US LIVE Marketplace... I played through all 3 chapters and I have mixed feelings about what I saw. First for the good. The combat is really well done. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the combat both hand to hand and gun play. Gun play is pretty much a Gears of War / Uncharted affair. There is a cover mechanic for pop and shoot style play and the aiming reticule while small seems to be somewhat forgiving considering its size. Camera controls can be a bit tough when in tight spaces but for the most part its never an issue. Hand to hand combat is God of War like in its nature. X & Y are your primary attacks (hold for stronger attack) & A is your block. At first it was a button mash for me. But once I got used to the fight style I realized it was all about timing your strikes and counter strikes to your enemy. Then you add in random finishing moves and interactive cut scene (button push moments) and the combat all begins to take on a movie like feel to the hand to hand combat. Even the shooting benefits from this as when enemies close in on you the game will automatically kick you into close combat from shooting mode due to the proximity of bad guys. It was all done very well...and I honestly had a satisfying feel when engaged in combat. Bournes finishing movies are artwork and just put a little smile on your face each time as they all take on a unique feel given your enemy and environment.

Now for the bad.... The game has driving chapters/scenes in it. All the Bourne movies had great chase scenes in them and so the developer felt it important to include in some of these great chase moments in the game. Only problem is, they made a crap driving mini-game that feels very generic and tacked on. I personally would have been more than happy if they had just made the driving moments all cutscene and just let us watch it versus what the developer created.

As it stands, I am thinking this will be a rent only due to the driving elements.