UK PSN Store UPDATED (08/05/08)

The UK Store has just been updated with the following content

Race Driver GRID Demo (Free)
Mirror's Edge Gameplay Trailer (Free)
Guitar Hero III: Def Leppard Track Pack (£3.99)
Guitar Hero III: Muse Track Pack (£3.99)
Army Of Two: SCC Challenge Pack (£3.99)

Thats your lot... so far at least. No Bourne Conspiracy Demo as of yet.

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Vip3r3910d ago

Is Race Driver GRID worth downloading?

predator3910d ago

you bet, we have a contender for knocking GT and Forza off the top

techie3910d ago

it's nothing like GT or Forza. It's an arcade game.

predator3910d ago

maybe so but as a racing game it can

rushbd3910d ago

an arcade vs simulation comparison .
you fail...

HighDefinition3910d ago

Burnout is in competition w/ GT5 then.



predator3910d ago

play the game and you will realise its nowhere near as arcady as burnout, grid is particly toca and beacuse toca was to realistic for americans its been toned down to this,grid, it has an arcade feel to it but nothing like pgr and its nothing full on simualtion like gt or forza but as a racing game its very very good

Ghoul3910d ago

i must say i really liked the demo, very great racing feel and velocity.

the best to describe the game is

Burnout meets colin mc rea dirt.
great damage model and grafiks combined with a great arcady simulation like driving model not to arcady not to simulation like.

i totally enjoy the demo a definit buy for me.

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Britjadg3910d ago

its got good drift style, and although you only get a couple cars they seem pretty well balanced. rest of it is a bit meh. i sound like such a fanboy but i actually prefer gt5p w/out damage

killer_trap3910d ago

best European store update in a while, especially if we count haze in this week's update.although i still can't find the haze demo.

killer_trap3910d ago

it's funny since this week was good for European psn this thread won't get much attention. we always like to complain but we hardly give credit when credit is due, good job sony.

Ace-Jury3910d ago

i praise your latest update

no sarcasm

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The story is too old to be commented.