Media: Gears of War

Gears of War was undoubtedly the perfect opener for the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2006 and proved that it was definitely the title to have this year.

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clayton6203d ago

This game looks amazing, looks better than the pre-rendered killzone footage for the PS3.

PS360PCROCKS6202d ago

Wow a smart, graceful Sony fan, maybe the world is changing lol. But no this game is looking up to being nothing short of a masterpeice.

omansteveo6202d ago

This looks amazing i cant wait to pay this it would be so awesome if it were 4 player co-op...but 2 is fine also

TheMART6202d ago

You can't wait to PAY this! Then you really really really want it very bad ;)

OutLaw6202d ago

I hope the release date Gamestop has 10/02/06. Stays like that. Because this game is why I have a 360.

slugg6202d ago

At Gamestop (I'm a store manager) the company sometimes picks arbitrary release dates just to list a game in the computer so we can take reservations on it. That date for Gears of War is an arbitrary date. For instance, we list 14 games coming out on the 360 that day, including Too Human, Strangelhold, Crackdown, etc. We expect it the first or second week of November-- the busiest two weeks of the year in the retail game industry. Most stores will have a midnight opening event whenever Gears of War releases, thats for sure!

TheMART6202d ago

Whatever date, it will be there before the end of the year otherwise the whole team of Epic looses their jobs :)

FamoAmo6202d ago

GOW will be released before the PS3.. That's for sure. I heard late October!!