Latest LittleBigPlanet Trailer

The Latest Trailer for the upcoming Playstation 3 game LittleBigPlanet

LittleBigPlanetGD08: Trailer (off-screen)
Length: 1 minute 3 seconds - Format: 960 x 540 46.875 fps

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eyeDEVOUR3911d ago

looking better an the killzone begining lol...

PR0NE3911d ago

littlebigkillzone, i guess we'll see the helghast after all this year...

Fishy Fingers3911d ago

I cant watch the video on this pants work PC but your comments suggest thios is the same LBP trailer that was released yesterday?

The title was LittleBigKillzone.

If its not I'll approve but I need someone to tell me.


sonarus3911d ago

Little big planet is one of those games that even when you want to hate on it, you just can't:D. Game just looks like crazy fun to play

meyers3911d ago

Same trailer as the previous story, but with a better off screen capture.

Dweg3911d ago

Another perfect game for Ps3 owners.... they love playing as the feminine guys in FF, and now they'll love playing with dolls. Don't worry I'm sure the Ps4 will come with a free Coupon for your gender-swap surgery.

3911d ago
meepmoopmeep3911d ago

and you're probably so manly that MS should give you a coupon to shave your back and chest hair and surgically put it on your bald fat head.

you da man!

spooky2053911d ago

your such a tool dweg. is that why MS have manly oily space marines feeling each other up and grunting every chance they get? hey maybe the next xbox will come to a free pass to a gay bar....... see how easy it is to look like a tool? you dont impress anyone here, off to the open zone with you troll........

Imalwaysright3911d ago

Lol owned.... no wait LittleBigKillzowned.

LeonSKennedy4Life3911d ago

So, Viva Pinaita didn't sell well?

Wow, we should probably talk to Microsoft's PR department about that.

Lay off it, dude.

You guys had that "girl" in Lost Odyssey and those little kids in Blue Dragon. What the heck are you talking about?

poeo3911d ago

HAHAHA funniest comment today. You're SUCH a tough guy huh? Do you roleplay as Master Chief, Marcus Fenix or some other random macho space marine videogame character?


And i bet my schlong is bigger than yours, AND i can lift more weights!

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Blackcanary3911d ago

This is gonna be a crazy Game of the year and 10/10 damn the graphics look fantasic.

Diugu3911d ago

My sackboy will be a Helghast! hehehe

meepmoopmeep3911d ago

lol, yeah, they look uber vicious!

damn, i hope Guerrilla has an unlockable where all the helghast are these sack boys. but then i wouldn't want to shoot them.

Kleptic3911d ago

a little off topic...

but are there truely anything more awesome looking than the Helghast? far as enemies in video games go?...I own the first game, and even though it felt rushed...and even though it had problems...and even though the voice work for the helghast was horrible...they looked ridiculously awesome in low light areas...

and Killzone 2 has that to an entirely different level...

I mean the chimera were ok...they were ugly enough that it was fun to splatter them...same thing with the locust in Gears...and Halo...uh,...well the enemies in Halo were very far from awesome (the giggly goofy grunts?...seriously)...

the only thing that comes close imo would be the combine in Half-Life a way they look pretty similar...but the couple gameplay seens of a helghast in a dark room with the orange eyes and a trench-coat is awesome beyond compare...

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The story is too old to be commented.