Battlefield 4 Hack or Glitch?

Gamerz Elite site's team member was playing Battlefield 4 Conquest in Map: Dawnbreaker on PS4. During the game he was shot from underneath of the Map. It happened twice in a single match and the opponent was the same guy.

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PeaSFor2752d ago

this shit happen on pc too, its a bug.

nitrogav2751d ago

This is just another reason that I haven`t bought into this game yet . Sick of waiting for BF4 to play as promised by Dice and EA .

Tru_Blu2751d ago

Good luck with that. The roof glitch on Metro in BF3 was there day 1. To this day you can still do it, they never could or would fix it.

boldscot2751d ago

Happened to me and my brother the other day while playing on PS4, spawned and I was swimming around beneath the map

AllroundGamer2751d ago

you just can't be sure with such a buggy game...

SpitFireAce852751d ago

Dice lost a lot of respect from gamers because EA made them release a unfinished game...
Not a good way to compet with CallOfDuty...They better give some free DLC to
Apologize for that mess of a game it's been 3 months since it came out.

AllroundGamer2751d ago

pls just watch this whole video - , DICE made the same bugs from BF3 appear in BF4, this has not so much to do with rushed game as with unskilled programmers, i mean even the first CS had better netcode (you can see that in the video, where CS uploads 100x/second the players position while BF4 only uploads it 10x/second which of course is then transferred into unprecise hit detection.

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The story is too old to be commented.