Two beautiful new Parabellum images

German gamedeveloper Acony announced some months ago their new project called Parabellum for Xbox 360 and PC. It's a first person shooter wich takes place in a futuristic New York, that's in the middle of a war. The game uses the Unreal Engine 3.0 and mostly focusses on the multiplayer.

Check the new beautiful screenshots via the link below.

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Asuka4456d ago

this is a PS3 game too: "Set in the near-future and revolving around an immense terrorist threat in New York City, Parabellum is slated to appear on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC platforms. Expect more... soon.
" - ign

Game looks great, can't wait too get it, but i might get it for 360 cause of live.

InMyOpinion4456d ago

I think it looks like crap.

THAMMER14456d ago

I hope they polish this up soem more. It looks like Black with better back grounds. YuCK

andy capps4456d ago

Black was a good rental, nothing more. But I enjoyed my time with it. This does look pretty bad. Hopefully they can clean up the.. well, everything.

Capt CHAOS4456d ago

Or.. It just looks like a PS2 games on a 360/PS3