6.0 reviews Mario Kart Wii

Ryan Davis writes, During my time with Mario Kart Wii, the theory was proposed to me that Nintendo has ceased trying to evolve its franchises, opting instead to simply remake their trademark games for each new generation of players, and I think the Mario Kart franchise serves as a powerful Exhibit A for this argument. In my experience, if people have a favorite Mario Kart game, it's usually the first one they played. Mario Kart Wii is by no means bad, but it seems built for first-timers,

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Durffen4919d ago

Although I completely disagree with this review, I understand it is his own opinion. Although I do agree with one part. I felt that it didn't really evolve either, but there are tons of new features that felt like a real step up for the Mario Kart series.

jtucker784918d ago

That is fair, that is your opinion, but I felt for all the new features it gained, it lost the 2 most important to me.
4 player split screen battle mode (with only human players).
And 150cc GP (obviously it still has 150cc, but all the skill as gone and it is just a party free for all.)

Those were my two favourite modes, and they've either gone... or been ruined.

MK_Red4918d ago

I'm starting to really really like this site. Jeff and the rest of ex-GameSpot crew are doing pretty good and are writing overally great and unbiased reviews and this one is no exception though personally, I'd give 2 or 2.5/5 to Mario Kart Wii.

ChickeyCantor4918d ago

Where is your 2~ 2.5 based on?
thats like saying i give you a 1/10 because of your comment.

Its a fun game, and if people can enjoy it i really don't see the fuss about these lame ratings.
most people have forgotten that a 6 is still decent. RATINGS SUCKZORS

MK_Red4918d ago

Dude, I didn't say 2.5/10. I said 2.5/5

5/10 is a bit lower than 6/10 but this is what I think about the game. I didn't like the handling with Wii and and aside from graphics, nothing felt new or upgraded to me. If I was a fan of series, I would have gone with site's 6/10 or 3/5 but since I was never a fan, it's 2 to 2.5/5 for me.

ChickeyCantor4918d ago (Edited 4918d ago )

i never said 2/10...either
I was just bringing the 10 back with 1/10.

" since I was never a fan, it's 2 to 2.5/5 for me."

You talk of this website not being bias, but you admit that you are?
I mean even if one is not a fan he could still like it.
"nothing felt new or upgraded "
thats subjective, but they did upgrade the game with online play.
And really GFX? in a game like this? hell even Sprites would have had the same effect.

Ratings are overrated.