It’s 2019, and Mario Kart Wii is still selling pretty well

Against all odds, the Mario Kart Wii game on one of Nintendo’s most popular consoles is still shifting a considerable amount of units.

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esckalon1191d ago

So much fun, had many memorable days playing it with the Wii Wheel. Challenging game but not too difficult.

hanko141191d ago

that s great now bring it out on switch, pc. love that game. its my favorite mario kart game.

RosweeSon1191d ago

This is why Nintendo games hold their value as 11 years later people still trying to buy it and have played it a lot over the last 11 years.
How many copies of fifa 08 did EA sell this month 😏
Or Microsoft and binx the cat 🥴
Quality games can be played for many many years. Others get forgotten and can be bought for a £1