WipEout Pulse and Daxter announced on PS2

Finally the rumors were true. We can read at HardGame2, one of the most important Spanish (and european) web of videogames, the next (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):

"As happened with Syphon Filter or Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Sony Computer Entertainment will release on PlayStation 2 Daxter and Wipeout Pulse, following his recent passage through PlayStation Portable. The first would see the day on July 25 next year, while the racing game that plays with the seriousness happen on September 3 this year."

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BlackIceJoe3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Well this just makes me sick. Why can't Sony let these games stay only on the PSP. Because every time a PSP game is ported to the PS2 the game is not as good as the PSP version then it makes the PSP versions look bad. So my only guess is the devs want more money and could care less if the game is good or not on the PS2.


To Montrealien the reason I hate seeing Daxter and Wipeout Pulse become a PS2 games is because it gives people less of a reason to buy a PSP. Plus this makes it seem more likely that GOW for the PSP will come out on the PS2 too and that makes it easier for people not to buy a PSP so all this does is make Sony shoot them self in the foot.

Montrealien3868d ago

it makes you sick? It's a game man and more people will be able to play it that don't have a psp.

Montrealien3868d ago

I agree to a certain extent but I can't say it hurts PsP sales. It is just giving these games a chance to be played by a wider audience, nothing wrong with that. Alot of people where able to enjoy Silent Hill origins for example, most of these people would not have bought a PsP anyways. And as for God of War, nothing would please me more then to play that on my 42 inch, loved that game. If you think that by putting these games on the Ps2 sony will hurt the PsP, fear not, it won't have much affect on that. It will just let more people play these great games.

Also, why not just answer with a reply, those bubbles that important to you? hehe jk

Montrealien3868d ago

lol, I love the PS2 survivability. The commodore 64 of consoles, may it have a few years left in it, what an amazing console.

Batusai3868d ago

My crystal ball tell me that God of War CoO and FFVII: Crisis Core will arrive soon on PlayStation 2...

Charlie26883868d ago

Don't confuse ported first party Sony titles with third party cuz if that was the case we would have seen MGS:PO a LOOOOOONG time ago on the PS2 same goes for MH2 (among many other third party that will probably never get ported)

I still see this as a VERY cheap way yo make some quick cash since pretty much EVERY single PSP to PS2 ports has been HORRIBLY translated, poorly reviewed and lets not forget with the exception of the ported GTA poor sales too

wass0073868d ago

I Want Some HD Daxter!!!!!

Montrealien3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

no you don't.

Trick Nolte3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

I love how you follow faithfully PS related articles. You want a PS3 Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!! Keep saving, you will be able to afford one. ONE DAY! XD

wass0073868d ago

Hes pissed off the all month theres been news about the ps3, playstation day, killzone, motorstrom, haze, little big planet even Buzz!! and nothing not a single thing about the 3fixme

Montrealien3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

That's not true, you lie. You have been fondling your 360 in secret latetly, and you can't wait for Too Human, we all know it. Don't lie.

wass0073868d ago

what da hells too human??

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Rattles3868d ago

WOW man u should make a blog, are you sure your names not surfergirl???

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