ZeniMax sends out more Elder Scrolls Online beta invites

Joystiq writes, "Curious about Elder Scrolls Online but stuck in the dark because the game is still, for some reason, blocked by a ridiculously limiting NDA despite being less than three months from launch? Today might be your lucky day. ZeniMax Online has announced that another round of Elder Scrolls Online beta keys have been sent out, so take a look at your email inbox to see if you've earned yourself a ticket into the party."

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KrisButtar2842d ago

This game is getting shady. I'm surprised the NDA is still in effect so close to launch. I have only heard the MMO crowd say good things about this game. They have a chance to be next big MMO but I don't think they won over a lot of The Elder Scrolls crowd.

I like everything Elder Scrolls but this game looks and feels to MMOish to me to be a TES game. I would have bought the game to hold me over until The Elder Scrolls 6 but with the more and more of the beta I see the less likely I see this happening.

What bugs me the most is the dungeons, caves, etc. You have people in front of you exploring the place grabbing the chests before you(even seeing a line up for the treasure), so you are pretty much forced to race through the content to have a chance to grab the treasure instead of going at your own pace.

From what I have seen the game is not "Skyrim with friends."

Tru_Blu2841d ago

I wouldn't want "Skyrim with friends," personally. Like you were saying games like that I'd rather take my time and do my own thing.

KrisButtar2841d ago

I like doing my own thing most of the time in Skyrim but sometimes when I go and get a follower whether its my housecarl, a companion or Serana. I think having a friend play with me would be fun. Since I've already got someone following me might as well make them a friend instead of some dumb AI. I wouldn't use it often because I don't use followers often but it would be nice on occasion.

Now ESO is far from my idea of Skyrim with friends.

YellowTempes2841d ago

While I agree that ESO is not as intimate as the single-player versions, it will definitely be a welcome new experience to combine powers with other players. If I ever want the more personal approach I can always boot up my modded Skyrim and have my way with it.

Among all MMOs, ESO is probably the one who offers you the greatest degree of freedom pace-wise. I will need to try it out myself though to be sure.

KrisButtar2841d ago

Skyrim is so familiar to me now, I don't even use quest markers anymore. ESO is a new experience in TES even if its not a numbered one. Even with all ESO problems I see I am drawn into this game. I've seen over 10 hours of gameplay by now.

That monthly fee for $15 a month, I need to see content added almost the size of Dawnguard or Dragonborn monthly and I don't see that happening and paying $60 to only have a game for a month is a bit much. I don't have a problem with monthly fees its the price of the monthly fee that raises my expectations.

hazardman2841d ago

Yo yo whats good Kris.. hey you seen that Skyrim listing for next gen. If true im holding off on another go on Xbox 360 and see if they make an announcement or something.

KrisButtar2841d ago

Yea I seen it and I hope the listing is true. I would wait for sure, its only a few more days away. The Skyrim LE version being upgraded in the same way Tomb Raider is being upgraded. I would throw $60 down on it in no time. If it is just a port I am holding off buying it(or its on sale) as I have LE already

It also means that they would have new incoming patches for this re release to fix bugs and hopefully they could get to all the old bugs/glitches that are around.