What might be inside the next Xbox - a realist's view

It's almost that time already - The Xbox 360 is barely settled in and already gamers everywhere are eagerly awaiting news of Microsoft's next console. As is now the norm, the internet is buzzing with chatter of the next Xbox, years before it will even hit the shelves.

Some highlights

No Blu-ray?
Compatible with 360 controllers?
'Newton' for 360 a dummy run for the next console?

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TheEndzor3814d ago

They Need something that can play high storage games.

Dvd-9 is quickly becoming obsolete for gaming

Sir Ken Kutaragi3814d ago

...A Fire-Station!!! ;-D
With Little Fire-Men!!! ;-D

Denzelio3813d ago

Don't forget Fire Ants, the little firemen will chase the fire ants and if the ants manage to escape they'll burn your house down.

PopEmUp3813d ago

A Time bomb, .....what that sound......beep..beep....beep, beep,beep,beep,beep,beep,beep.. ..BOOM! BOOM!BOOM!

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toughNAME3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Don't use a jet engine for the next box

DJ3814d ago

Jet Engines are awesome, man! The louder, the better. =D

kewlkat0073814d ago

the damn thing is noisy and I think its the DVD ROM drive, not so much the fan. I have no other operating issues.

riskibusiness3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

12 Core IBM CPU w/6MB cache - slightly more after analysis proved more was needed. CPU will be tweaked a bit.

4-5 ATI Core GPU W/O EDRAM; capable of ray tracing and physics. 4.5-5.5 times more shader ops.

Optical BUS 120MB per second between all components.

2GB DDR400+ memory

No Optical Drive, but attachable DVD or Blue-ray.

100% BC with attachable drive.

W/controller, will come a motion sense devises.

Replaceable flash drive. Comes with 120GB standard.

Built-in ABGN Wireless.

Those are the main changes. Too bad we won't see Intel's Larabee as an additional chip though. MS is going to move into hardware virtualization. And expect the next system to be commoditized; many makers of the console.

By the time this releases it will be cheap and affordable.

rawg3814d ago

Then it will cost 4-5 times as much as well. Good luck selling that console in a crowded market with no games. Ask the Sony guys, it's not a walk in the park.

LJWooly3814d ago

If the next Xbox goes the way of the Wii, I will cry myself to sleep for five consecutive nights.

potenquatro3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

@ riskibusiness. ATI has one gig of memory now and it's not ZOMG goodlooking. by 2010 or 2011 i expect more than 2 gigs. maybe they end up with NVIDIA again.i havn't seen anything new from IBM and u know they are not going with CELL. maybe it will have some new AMD if they go with ATI. HDD has to be any HDD no special MS HDD that's expensive. but if it's like u say that there are many makers for the console, there are gonna be ALOT of sku's to choose from. i think going that route is bad for branding,but if they make it happen it could mean cheap next-gen gaming. nobody has been succesful before thou.

JsonHenry3813d ago

The next time around will be a custom AMD CPU, as well as custom AMD video card, and about two gigs of RAM.

tokugawa3813d ago

a couple of custom cpu's, a pretty bad-ass custom gpu. a blu-ray drive. interchangeable hdd(100gig+) 2 to 4 gig of ram. and i hope that they stick with the 360 controller! by far the best controller i've ever used....and i've used alot all the way back to the atari vcs2600

Tomdc3813d ago

putting just DVD in it would be the stupidest move ever! This writer is clearly a fool... Already games are getting to big for DVD's and there isn't really any alternative other than blu-ray. The point he makes about downloads is true to some extent but it wont be commonplace till about another 7 years because of slow internet connections.

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Kaz Hirai3814d ago

"Jump In- to 1080 degrees of FLOP!"

36 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


BLUR1113814d ago


PR0NE3813d ago

@BLUR111 can you raise your voice, i didn't hear you...

Ali_The_Brit3814d ago

Will Blu-ray really have the market to itself? It’s seen off the superior HD-DVD

how in the name of god is HD-DVD superior? blu-ray can hold like 3 times as much data as HD-DVD.

DomUltra3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Like they really have the option to use active currently existing technology, HD-DVD's are their only route.

@ the disagree-ers

Okay first off, it's either use DD with a 1TB HDD which isn't tangible, or HD-DVD, Sony isn't exactly gonna hand over there money maker, at least not with Apple right beside them.

OOG FunK3814d ago

see the thing is that blu ray isnt always the best choice....they could take advantage of the other formats that are becoming available that can carry 50 gigs at a cheaper price....cant remem the name of that format....but most likely it will end up being a blu ray or something of that sort for the next system....

O and fyi I gaurantee sony would love for MS to adopt Blu Ray cuz its more money for them and the fact that just because they both make consoles doesnt mean their companies dont have business relationships with each other all ready....think outside of your lil gaming utopia

DomUltra3814d ago

Whatever keep dreaming that Xbox might eventually have Blu-ray it only makes you look like an ass.

OOG FunK3814d ago

funny how it makes me look like an ass when i like both systems moron go save your trolling for somewhere else and get a life dude.... just because i said something that actually makes common sense u think im wrong?

Blackcanary3813d ago

Dom if MS use BLU-RAY Sony get Royalite because they own half of BLU-RAY
MS would be kicking them self because Sony would be making money from them. Every gmae sold Sony would get royalites.

Isaya853813d ago


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Homicide3814d ago

Hopefully something reliable.