Gunpey DS Review

Gunpey is one of those games that have been re-iterated several times since the Wonderswan days and in this case, it's an action puzzle game. Developed by Q Entertainment this time round (the company behind Meteos, Lumines and EEE), the idea of the game is simple. In the game, you're presented with a grid on which 4 types of differently orientated lines continue to appear from the bottom. The objective is for you to move the lines up and down the grid so that they connect from one side of the grid to the other. Once you do this, the lines disappear and you repeat the same action over again. Each little line you use to create the link counts as one "break" so basically, the more lines you link up, the higher you score. But you mustn't let any of the lines reach the top of the grid or it's game over.

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