Key Nintendo Programmer Defects to Microsoft

Long-time Nintendo programmer Colin Reed has left Nintendo for a position at Microsoft, Shacknews has learned.

During his 11 years at Nintendo, Reed served in many key programming roles, including technical lead on NST's Metroid Prime: Hunters (NDS) and main system programmer on Nintendo EAD's Pikmin (GCN).

Reed will be joining the team at Microsoft responsible for the racing-sim series Forza Motorsport, which is headed up by internal studio Turn 10. Prior to his departure, he was working with NST on an undisclosed project.

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cloud3603868d ago

money invloved

not preferences

japanese prefer japan console. usa buy xbox

Fux4Bux3868d ago

What's the point of being a lead programmer for a system that's so weak and ancient? Frankly there's probably nothing left for him to do because Nintendo has all their game engines from the Gamecube era.

wow4u3868d ago

Just like Sakaguchi-san too eh? PErhaps they just want to work somewhere that they'll be able to realize their vision for videogames?

Wii doesnt have a future for innovation, nor a collection of customers who want to buy new games that deliver new experiences. They want more of exactly the same.

That must be *awful* boring. MS is well known to be the place for new IP, new gameplay experiences and the Xbox 360 has the power to do anything the programmer could want to do with this generation's consoles.

Money? Nah, maybe he's just bored making the same games over and over.

BIoodmask3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Yeah I'm sure there WAS money involved. Isn't that the whole point of having a job?

And how do you know what Colin Reed prefers? Does the name Colin Reed sound Japanese to you?

JokesOnYou3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

he's so consumed in the anti-micro bandwagon he's too blind to see just how ridiculus his comment is.

btw, I wouldn't exactly call this guy a "Key" Nintendo programmer, most likely he was 1 of many good programmers who wanted to move on and micro is giving him that opportunity, thats good for micro ha ha but I'm sure Miyamoto will sleep fine tonight after this "key" loss.

[looks at wii sales] yeah, I'm sure.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3868d ago

That lone disagree must be him, not very many would jump on that.

ItsDubC3868d ago

Shacknews' use of the word "defects" in the title makes it seem like all employees of these companies are fanboys or something. Professionals change employers within the same industry all the time.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3868d ago

Yeah there are ex MS people over at Sony, and ex Sony people over at MAC, ex Nintendo people over at Dell, and ex GE people working for water and sewage. Most just call them "jobs" and jobs that many would like to have.

DomUltra3868d ago

Seriously, They just called Forza a racing sim lmfao. Good news otherwise.

GiantEnemyCrab3868d ago

Contrary to the fishhead reality that exists here the rest of the gaming populace recognizes the excellent Forza series as a racing sim and one of the top ones at that.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3868d ago

Comment of the day :)

Who is that in your avatar?

PS360WII3868d ago

Well good for him as the new job will probably give him more responsibility and/or more money :)

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