Sony Makes Changes To PSN Backend To Pave Way For Future PC/PS5 Cross-Platform Releases

It appears Sony is making changes to the PSN backend in order to pave the way for future cross-platform releases across PC and PS5.

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PrinceOfAnger42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

If sony want their games to be more successful on pc and to sell more they need to bring the games day-one like helldivers 2! , and not after 2 years.

-Foxtrot42d ago

If it's first party (can't speak on Helldivers) then the PS5 should be focused on first in my opinion rather than worrying about 2 versions.

PrinceOfAnger42d ago

Nixxes can help with the development and release the games at the same time..

Tacoboto42d ago

Nixxes takes completed code and ports that to PC. I'm sure they do work during primary development but I like this setup.

PS5 owners are treated as first class by their platform holder, PC players get the final complete version, and GaaS are treated separately. Win-win.

Kornholic42d ago

Sony should follow the Microsoft route and kill Playstation the same way MS has killed Xbox? Are you serious?

HankHill42d ago

It's going to happen sooner or later, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Hypertension14042d ago

My biggest concern is that if they focus on multiple platforms, games won't be as impressive anymore.

The reason Playstation exclusives look so good is that they are only developed for that console alone.

It is one of the reasons why I think Xbox exclusives have been dropping in quality at least in terms of graphics.

Markdn41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Crossplatform all you want, as long as I can turn off playing with PC players like I can on my xbox I'm fine with it.

TheEroica41d ago

Corporate lusting gamers disagree.... They feel it hurts their favorite plastic box maker when developers get paid to make great games. These corporate shills downvoting you want games locked behind hardware pay walls so they can validate their purchases and feel better about themselves.

VariantAEC41d ago

The reason PS is as healthy as it is... is because the ecosystem still has its own unique identity and worthwhile games library. PS5 by far and away has the least exclusives because of the recent PC push but even with it there are still a small selection of worthwhile exclusives and 3rd party games being easier to pick up and play without issues (which you see on PC).

The reality is exclusives matter; PlayStation gamers have been beating that drum for over 2 decades and it's clearly true and important for PlayStation.

It's also important for Nintendo.

8bitAssassin41d ago

No!! Matter of fact they don't need to bring any of their big titles to p.c ever.
Multi-player AA games cool, but no AAA.

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XiNatsuDragnel42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

First party ps5 games need to be ps5 only until 6 months imo because they need to sell consoles still and then focus on PC later.

repsahj41d ago

Six months is too fast, make it a year or 2. Day 1 on PC is a bad idea. If sony want that, maybe they should follow xbox to be a third party and let Nintendo take all the glory.

DustMan39d ago

Sales of Helldivers 2 may make them rethink that strategy considering the majority of Helldiver 2 players are on PC, and it's the fastest selling game they've ever published. However I do think a 6 month window would be fair all around. 6 months is plenty of time for a game to be on shelves past launch. If anything bringing games to pc more quickly will just increase revenue. I've bought every first party they've released on PC and have been very pleased with performance and little issue with exception to Last of Us witch is fixed now and plays well. They can legit beat Microsoft at their own game.

shinoff218342d ago

I don't see a big deal. The sales also help future development. I'm all in.

Neofire42d ago

There is zero proof of this accusation.

thesoftware73042d ago

This makes sense, just now doing it shows how behind and short-sighted regarding PC they were to begin with.

shaenoide42d ago

If they release it day one many will not buy a playstation anymore (me included).

Jingsing42d ago

I'm already not buying a PS5 Pro or PS6 and it isn't day one, They are already damaging themselves.

Gravesinger_42d ago

Hello, HI...PC gamer here. I've wanted to play Ghost of Tushima since day one........NEVER bought a PS5, and WONT ever buy another console and GoT is coming out in a few days for PC, and its the complete version of the game. $ony withholding first party games for three years isn't making a bunch of PC people go out and buy consoles, if anything..we wait, and get the game and the DLC for the price of one.

Markdn41d ago

You can wait patiently then, we'll enjoy for three years and then sit back and listen as you tell us what a graphical. Showcase this game is now that it's on PC and how much better that seems to make games lol /s

StoneTitan41d ago

I will still buy. Best money for what you grt is still ps. I have a more powerful pc I never play on it. Just for work.
Its just more chill

VariantAEC41d ago

That is not what this means. PS isn't stupid like Microsoft. They will still likely release other PS titles on PC in the future even a couple day and date ones just like HellDivers, but for big PS releases expect to continue waiting.

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