Minecraft with Realistic Graphics?

Would Minecraft retain it's same charm if the gameplay remained exactly the same but the graphics were almost photo-realistic? This may seem a little far fetched with todays technological limitations but who knows what will happen in the future? In the mean time I'm creating a wee list of Minecraft mods that will bring up the realness.

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GentlemenRUs1838d ago

GLSL shaders mod has been around for a long time now, I used to use it all the time.

emforce1838d ago

It certainly has! Although do you think that the game would lose its appeal if it was super high definition? Almost photo-realistic in a sense?

GentlemenRUs1838d ago

Eh, I got bored of Minecraft a while ago...

curtis921838d ago

Yeah I think it does lose some charm. I used these shader mods for a while but it wasn't until I made minecraft look amazing that I realized that graphics played no part in my enjoyment of the game. So I stopped...

ion6661838d ago

minecraft is wack. I don't understand how building lego houses and fighting lego ppl is fun. The demo i played was a snooze fest on ps3. I rather endure dark souls for my dungeon creeping.

leemass241838d ago

minecraft is for people with imagination not linear dungeons or hardcore rpg, my ex father in law plays it all the time hes made towers for becons so he doesnt get lost, hes made railways theres alot more to the game than just as you put it building lego houses and fighting lego ppl. but everyone has there own tastes my fiances brother doesn't like minecraft either but that doesn't make the game wack it just means you don't like it.

Codewow1838d ago

I would call this even close to a "wee list" it's not even a list... It has one Mod... And the Mod isn't even up-to-date.

emforce1837d ago


I have a tendency to update my posts on the fly and add content as and when I find decent stuff!

Found some decent mods on the /r/gaming subreddit if you want to check it back out!

wallis1837d ago

My building's shadow stretching across the blocky landscape as the sun sets seems pretty cool to me, but I'd rather stay away from grey and unhappy colour palettes as seen in many of the photorealistic texture packs. I've enjoyed the shader mod before but unfortunately it's out of date at the moment, and just as it will get updated so will MC so be prepared to play a little behind the patch curve if you want to use these.