DOOM 4 in Development, Takes Place on Earth reports that id Software is expanding its internal dev team to start hardcore production of DOOM 4 -- and the job posting reveals that DOOM 4 takes place on Earth.

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Ace Ventura3818d ago



There is no doubt. DOOM is the King!

Kleptic3818d ago

Doom and Doom II were king...Doom 3 is the ugly bastard (not literally, the game did look good) from the same parents...

Doom simply doesn't work without romero...unless he gets back on board with will suck...thats the only way to explain Doom 3...How do the people (except for Romero) that more or less created the first person shooter and the idea of a 'deathmatch' turn around over a decade later and make one of the most gimmicky, lame, cheesy, albeit gorgeous games in the genre?...they invented it, yet failed misserably in the gameplay department...

terrible level design...unispired, played-out weapons...gimmicky gameplay mechanics...and terribly dumb attempts at scaring you...

iD has a large amount of programming talent...Carmack is a legend in that regard...but without John Romero heading the creative aspect of iD's games...they have plummeted ever since...seriously...he left after Quake 1...arguably the best game iD ever made...Quake II was a let-down for many in gameplay...Quake III was innovative only in the idea of an arena shooter...and Doom 3 was the biggest disappointment for me in the history of gaming...

iD's stuff always looks good...again, a nod to Carmack for that...but everything else just seems simply feels outdated imo...

BlackIceJoe3818d ago

Well I wonder if this was the game OPM was talking about the big Daddy of FPS games.

Aslo I wonder if Doom 4 will use the Rage Engine or some thing else?

I think this is great news to hear that Doom 4 is in the works. I can't wait to see what will be added.

MK_Red3818d ago

Doom 4... Hopefully the id has learned from the disaster that was Doom 3 and makes this game as close as possible the legendary Doom 1 and Doom 2.

Kleptic3818d ago

agreed...I wish they would just call this next one Doom 3...take the original Doom 3 and brush it under the carpet...that game never happened in my reality...

its like the Terminator 3 of video doesn't really exist yet...

PS360WII3818d ago

hey Doom 3 was great ><

Ghoul3818d ago

dunno what you guys played

i loved doom3

okcomputer3818d ago

Funny, I thought the whole reason Doom 3 was so mediocre was because it played EXACTLY like the Doom 1. The gameplay was revolutionary when the first doom came out, but it was overly simple and lacking at doom 3's release.

Either way you have to admit, for its time doom 3 was visually amazing. It was the best looking game i'd ever played at that point, and still looks better than some of this gen's new fps games.

I have high hopes for doom 4 though. Its been a while since id has come through with a classic like i know they can deliver.

1stKnighT3818d ago

Doom 3 was a fantastic game and one of the best fps I ever played. Got very high reviews too. Don't know why you don't like it.

tony3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

doom 3 wasn't a disaster. it was a good game. anyways, great news.

SUP3R3818d ago

I totally forgot they made a T3 until you just mentioned it. I actually paid to see that and totally forgot I saw it. It was sooooo bad.

Panthers3818d ago

Wow I liked Terminator 3 a lot. Not nearly as good as 2, but the story was cool, and the ending was great.

Kleptic3818d ago

haha what are you guys talking about?...have you not played many first person shooters or something?...

Doom 3 was NOTHING like the original doom or doom was slow, boring, and had weak attempts at scaring the entire time...everything was close were always in hallways and corridors...yet were still stuck with the same lame objective of flipping a switch or getting in an elevator to beet the level...

it kept all of the outdated stuff...yet didn't keep any of the old stuff that made it fun...Doom 1and2 were actions had plenty of ammo and you just ran around blasting the shat out of anything with a pulse, and there were hundreds of things with pulses...Doom 3 was a ridiculous survival horror type shooter with were never fighting more than 3 things at once, and all they did was spawned in behind you in an attempt to scare you...

you couldn't use a flashlight in one hand and your pistol in the other? couldn't duct tape the friggin thing to your gun anyway?...the lighting was cool looking and everything...but being that most of the game is 100% black, the flashlight crap got old really really quickly...that and not a single new weapon, save the smg and soul cube?

I was more excited for that game than any other game to date...I played more doom as a kid than I care to admit...and Doom 3 was a spit in the face to any action loving child that snuck onto his/her parents PC to play doom at 3am...that game was about carnage...about sprint strafing and spraying rockets across a room just to pop 100 imps into need piles of meat...Doom 3 was a scripted peace of crap that had you wondering around aimlessly in the dark and being like 'ooh another pentagram...ooh an imp warped in behind me and tried to scratch me...ooooooooooooh'...lame...

and come on guys seriously...Nick Stahl asking the Terminator in T3 if it remembered him?...feck that...any decent writer would have made connor understand what was going on from the get-go...You take Cameron out of the equation...and you are left with take Romero out of Doom...and you are left with crap...its a given...

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Charlie26883818d ago

How about a Heretic 3 id?

MK_Red3818d ago

I'd prefer a new Hexen :)

solar3818d ago

wow blast from the part right there. lol!

I Call 9MM3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Well, this is great. I never thought Doom 3 was a bad game, it just wasn't very innovative, other then it's graphics for the time, of course. Hopefully, iD have learned from that game and revitalize the gameplay, bring it to more modern specs. Add a new weapon system maybe, upgradeable weapons, 4 player co-op (gotta have 4 player coop), bring back some classic baddies and a whole load of new baddies, could be a fun game. They really need to upgrade the gameplay, that is the main point. Graphics, we won't have to worry about that, this is iD after all. And story telling, that is another good point.

Heretic 3, now that's a given. Get Raven on that on pronto. Heck, I would like to see Quake V from them too. I liked Quake IV, it was classic FPS gameplay meshed (almost to a fault though) with some newer aspects (but not enough I'm afraid, still fun. I beat it like 4 times). I want to know what's been going on with Mathew Kane.

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