Square Enix Montreal's next-gen Hitman title confirmed cancelled

Square Enix Montreal's next-gen Hitman title has been cancelled, it's been confirmed.

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gaffyh2113d ago

This is actually good news imo, because the last game was terrible. It was so boring, and is the only Hitman game that I physically couldn't complete. Unless they were going to change everything, it needed to be cancelled.

Kryptix2113d ago

Though I will agree that Absolution was not the same as previous Hitman games, I don't think anyone should be glad that the game was cancelled since it had zero details to what it was going to have. Maybe it was going back to being more sandbox and less linear, we don't know that or anything and we might never know. The problem here is that we might not be seeing another Hitman for many years since the last gap was 6 years.

gaffyh2113d ago

If it was already in development, it means it was going to use the same ideas as Absolution. A cancellation suggests that they are going to start over and look at what they did wrong. Hitman as a franchise is great, but they really need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what made it good. The last one was style over substance imo, so I'm glad a sequel to it is cancelled. They can focus on other things for now, and go back to it when they've learned from their mistakes.

SilentNegotiator2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Hitman was already piled into the mass grave that is the stealth genre. Next to the 3D platformer mass grave and the recently exhumed Horror genre mass grave.

ABizzel12113d ago

It sucks for fans of the franchise, but it's time for something new. If I were a developer, I can't imagine working on the same franchise for 10+ years.

But some developers love that, so make a smaller team, and let them continue making the game, with a smaller budget bringing it back to its roots. While moving the majority of the team on to a new franchise.

Win-Win for everyone.

mrpsychoticstalker2113d ago

Lol, all hitman games are awesome bro.

Lord_Sloth2112d ago

Cancelling it only means there's no chance of redemption.

Frankskint2112d ago

Good news folks, Square Enix Europe has just confirmed that the next generation of Hitman games have not been cancelled.

Here is the link to the story

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mike32UK2113d ago

Ditto. I really enjoyed absolution even though it wasn't a patch on the originals. In fairness, the same thing happened at the beginning of last gen they either put on hold or flat out cancelled the hitman game that they were working on. I'm pretty sure we will see a console and PC hitman game in 5 years or so...

GinkgoID2113d ago

Tried sooo hard to like absolution but couldn't. Would not buy another.

RedDevils2113d ago

It's an ok game, I finished it didn't bother to platinum it thought, but it still worth a play through

Fishermenofwar2113d ago

I played the sniper challenge more than the actual game....

MazzingerZ2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Hitman:Absolution was a great game, I actually finished it, I started playing it along with the Last of us (which i purchased with the 12 deals of x-mas promotion) and got hooked and played it until I beat it.

The "sniper challenge" you get for pre-ordering was a great bonus! wish more games did that, rather than giving you some weapons or stuff that doesn't add much to the gaming experience.

The story was mature, playing mechanics really good, well designed, music great and overall GREAT production values. Unlike other games it never felt silly or like a game for kids, as an adult I really enjoyed Absolution.

I guess this is what happens when devs try to please their original customers and at the same time make the franchise evolution to keep it up to date and alive...ironic, but I guess a franchise has always high expectations, not only from gamers but publishers as well...any other game would be catalogued as a success with the great sales Aboslution achieved but for a established franchise applies other rules I guess...

For me it was the best games of 2012 together with Journey, as a whole package, Hitman: Absolution was very even in all departments.

quaneylfc2113d ago

I agree. i would like to see an absolution game with the level design and creativeness of blood money.

Audiggity2113d ago

Agreed. I liked it a lot... the only issue was the confined feeling of all the levels, paired with the lack of "random fun" you could have in previous titles.

- The birthday party/pool party map in Blood Money
- The airport level in Hitman 2
- The Chinese assassination in Hitman 1

They need to dig up these old, open levels that people would play over and over again and figure out WHY.

Layering that on top of Absolution with some other enhancements would be awesome.

Or... cancel it in preparation for a multiplayer version, large maps and competitive assassinations!

Chris5582113d ago

hitman absolution had excellent voice acting detailed maps good replayability that is why i platinumed it.. I hope square enix wakes up and makes another for next gen

Chrischi19882113d ago

OH NO!!! I love the Hitman series... hopefully it is just delayed, to become a better game.

ArronNelson2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Hitman 6 next-gen title has not been cancelled. Square Enix Europe just confirmed the news here.

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Hellsvacancy2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Good, the last game was AWFUL, it had nothing I loved about the first four games (I only played Absolution because David Bateson returned for the voice acting)

Hitman Absolution is a prime example of how good games can go bad if you screw around with the formula that made the games good in the first place, just to appeal to the casual market, hence why they're moving to mobile gaming "The studio is now developing an "unannounced Hitman game" for Android and iOS, Pressacco states"

Resident Evil is another good example

Kurylo3d2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

You echo my thoughts perfectly. What the hell were they thinking? I mean were they trying to make the game more kid or idiot friendly? If thats the case I was very happy as a kid with the original hitman and hitman 2. lol.. I dont even understand how they could have messed that game up that bad. Its not difficult to follow the same formula that made the game a success. Nothing wrong with trying new things but dont throw all the good things out the window if the game is already a success.

I used to love walking through an environment and trying to plot and figure out a good way... theres just NONE of that in this one... you have to crouch behind objects all game long making sure no one sees you.. its so stupid. The entire point of stealing someones clothes was to gain access to somewhere else and blend in with that group... now you have to hide from that group at all times. Pisses me off so much that they could do that to such a unique game .... its just theres no alternative to hitman so its not like we can go elsewhere.

That being said... they were right to cancel it. No one is going to buy the next one. They shot themselves in the foot with the last one... dumbasses

Hellsvacancy2113d ago

Just get the HD collection if you haven't already buddy, I had FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR more fun playing through the older games compared to the atrocious abomination that was Absolution


That is the big problem in gaming at the moment. Most Dev's/publishers want to hit that massive casual market.

no matter how hard they try this always seems to end up with the following results. Casual market = make the game idiot proof / or noob friendly without reason for them to need to actually get good at the game.

so many are going down this rout it's sad.

memots2113d ago

yeah when i saw my nephew play it and it was running around taking out people then go hide. Rinse repeat... it was painful to watch. This is not Hitman,

Chris5582113d ago

Memots you what? i could do the same in hitman two if i wanted start the map with machine gun kill every single person breathing or kill some and hide i don't get this crying over absolution it was a good game even compared to previous ones

Kurylo3d2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

why would I buy the "HD collection" The hd collection is nothing more then the pc version.. which I own the pc versions of every game. Upping the resolution and asking for more money is not my idea of HD

Oh and @chris558...

In absolution you cant select all your weapons and items before the map and plan your attack like in old hitman games.. saying you can shoot everyone up doesn't mean its the same game... That's one path. That's the whole point your missing. You had choices in previous hit man games.. now the game is practically gears of war meets splinter cell... We have games called splinter cell... if you wanted to make another splinter cell stop cashing in on the name of the franchise HITMAN.

Hitman used to be about plotting and being devious. Now its about blowing everyone away like your playing grand theft auto... Or sneaking like your playing splinter cell... Theres no real world environment feel anymore... no more thinking... its just shoot and cover.

Keep telling yourself it was a good game. It wasn't. Graphically it was good, but gameplay wise they tried to be something that it was not. If your going to be splinter cell or gears of war.. don't half way it. If your going to be hitman don't half way it. The franchise is ruined.

PLus theres so much more replayability when you are able to complete the mission different ways... Understanding what is going on in the environment... who can help you.. who can hurt you... Its interesting to make yourself the chef preparing the meal... and then poison it and send it out to your target.

Walking into the restaurant and blowing everyone away is what you do when your bored and don't feel like playing anymore. lol... much like grand theft auto.

Interesting to make it past security and make the death look like an accident for a higher score.

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bunt-custardly2113d ago

A real shame actually as Absolution had all the ingredients to be a great game with a bit of fine tuning. Let's hope IO Interactive and Square don't give up entirely.

I guess at this juncture, it's all about the money for Square Enix given its recent successes and failures.

caseh2113d ago

Sells 3.6m copies, deemed a failure.

Thats how chronic the attitude of the larger studios has become lately.

'We estimate 4 millions sales, we got 3.9. It's a FAILURE, cancel future installments!'

Only reason we are getting a current gen re-release of Tomb Raider is most of the hard work has already been done, they just need to polish them textures.

r212113d ago

IMO it was a disappointing sequel to Blood Money. Linear as heck, broken disguise system, shoddy spotting system, not a very memorable and kinda blah story but it did look good. Thats bout it.

Kurylo3d2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Look at 90% of the reviews on steam. They are all in agreement with you. As am I. I actually went back and replayed blood money during the chirstmas break.. just because of this lol...

CrossingEden2113d ago

That kinda sucks but at least absolution could be considered an ending to the series if you ignore the cliffhanger.

KyRo2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

There was nothing wrong with Absolution and it definetly weren't 'awful'. Yes the game on easy and normal was to easy with the whole seeig through walls and guards forgetting about after a while but on professional it was a true hitman game.

It still offered multiple ways to play, still maintained the option of stealth or run and gun and still was overall a really good game, with a few tweaks it could of been amazing.

Daniel_Potter2113d ago

It was missing the core of Hitman
The level design,it was linear and this excluded creativity
Most of the time, you had only 1 way to do something
basically, Absolution was just a scripted "stealth" game

ninjahunter2113d ago

I think people are losing sight of what the previous games were like. Not counting "pull out guns and power through level" there was often one, maybe 2 ways of killing someone. Its easy to say that absolution sucks when you have fond memories that negate how clunky the old games were.

"I remember you could kill people with explosives, dropping stuff on them, hiding in corners and waiting, sniping, poisoning, electrifying, heck, i remember a level even gave us the choice of entering through the front door or the back door, it was truly freedom, not this absolution stuff where all of that is still there, but there's a story stitching it together."

Kurylo3d2113d ago

If you think nothing is wrong with absolution, you weren't a fan of hitman to begin with. This isn't what hitman is. How do you have 4 previous titles with similar mechanics all be great, then decide to change the game. You know why? Because SQUARE ENIX bought IO interactive.. and the rights to hitman.. and decided to cash in on the name.. not make another hitman game.