Edge Interview: Alex Seropian Hails to the Chimp

Bungie's co-founder talks about the impact of Stairmasters on Wideload's latest, and the makeup of a political animal. Games and politics: it's one of those conjunctions that make you go "eek!" Funnily enough, that's also what most of the cast of Wideload Games' Hail to the Chimp do. A solid party-game first and foremost, Hail to the Chimp has ten characters all running for the Presidential Seal of the Animal Kingdom – from Santos the artistic armadillo to Murgatroyd, an inscrutable jellyfish who's fond of sunglasses – all reported through the eyes of the GRR News Network. We spoke to Alex Seropian, president of Wideload Games, about the law of the jungle.

Q: Why did you make a game about politics?

A: We didn't really start off intending to do a game about politics. We wanted to make a multiplayer game, a game that you could pick up and get into really quickly and play with friends. Humor's a big part of what we do, and we wanted it to appeal to different types of players, both the core gamers and people who are outside the core gamers. We wanted it kind of fast, a little slapstick, and then maybe a deeper satire.

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