The 50 Best Indie Games of 2013 - Grab It Magazine

When we look back at 2013 in years to come, it will surely be remembered as the year indie gaming on the iPad truly came of age. A year when the line between big console and PC titles, and iPad games, was hard to distinguish. Where the biggest names in game development left big publishers to form indie studios, and work on indie games that flooded the App Store with quality. Whether it was free or paid, a horror or a racer, funny or thoughtful, a game for guys or a game for girls, 2013 was never short of something awesome to play. Grab It Magazine has put together its best of 2013; have you played them all?

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SlappingOysters2410d ago

Pretty impressive year for indie gaming. You could go a whole year now without touching anything from a major publisher and still have a really awesome year of gaming.

360ICE2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Teslagrad is also worth checking out! Nice list!