100,000 MGS4 PS3 Bundles for Japan

"Japan is recovering from its Golden Week period of holidays, making news slow from the island nation, but we did stumble upon one little bit that ought to help those who take part in office pools over system sales. The web version of Mainichi Shimbun newspaper reports today that Sony plans on shipping between 80,000 and 100,000 units of the recently announced MGS4 PS3 bundle. Sony refers to this as a limited edition bundle, so we presume they intend to sell out of it quickly."

First announced last week, this bundle combines a 40 gigabyte PS3 in your choice of Clear Black, Ceramic White, or Satin Silver colors, with an extra Dual Shock 3 controller and a copy of the standard version of MGS4, all for 49,800 yen. This amounts to a 4,000 yen savings over buying the items separately.

Konami has its own bundle on the way, which combines a new metallic color version of the PS3 with a copy of the MGS4 limited edition for 51,800 yen. Shipping quantities have not been revealed for this set.

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cloud3603820d ago



theKiller3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

they should make it 500,000 units and they will sell it in one month thats for sure!

i wonder how much konami will have of those bundles, and isnt it sony responsibility to sell the bundles?? if they want to sell more hardware they've got to make more of those bundles!! they need to catch up in japan, the wii is flying there while ps3 is crawling and 360 is breathing its last breaths of life in japan!

resistance1003820d ago

So thats just the new bundle and you can tell they will sell most of them, i wonder how many of the limited edition steel ones will sell as well.

Ps3 could be selling over 100K units alone in this one week, sales of the game will be massive. I suspect Japan alone, MGS4 will sell around 300-400K units.

crimsonfox3820d ago

with you i can see people waiting on this game to come out to buy the ps3 my friend and brother have been waiting for this game to get the ps3 and i imagine this game being much bigger in japan then us but i wanna see how many they sell in the uk

Le-mo3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

So Sony is bringing out their own limited edition bundle in addition with Konami's limited edition bundle. Cool.

TheHater3820d ago

I think this will be sold out withing a week of release.